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How to win at Random Runner VIP

How to win at the Random Runner VIP video slotThe Random Runner VIP slot is the best way to spend your free time full of happiness and pleasure. We will tell you in the article about different kind of aspects of this slot. You may think that the three-reel slots are capable of giving more wins without any effort, but it is not. To get the maximum payout, you will need to apply some strategies. On how to win at Random Runner VIP slot using various methods, we will cover in this article.

You will find a description of each profitable strategy game, which is tested by the testers. So boldly study all available information and start using it in a real game. For more confidence, we published one of the testers' feedback. In it, you will find short recommendations on how to increase the chances of winning with the help of strategies. As a result, every fan of excitement can get even more prize coins.

Personal testers opinion

I like this game very much, that`s why I would like to give some recommendations for you. I hope it will necessarily help you break the grand jackpot. So, at first, I want to admit that the game session on this slot you need to start with the choice of the stake. I advise you to set the maximum size. So, you can get more wins and transfer them into coins for playing in the “Super-Meter” mode. It is important to collect more special coins because in the additional mode of the game there are increased payments.

I recommend you run the “Top Games” mode with a small periodicity. Collect 50-100 coins, and then make 4-7 spins in a special mode. After that, you go back to the main game and collect the coins further. After accumulating a certain amount, run an additional game mode and make a bet up to 10. So, you can continue the whole game. I also want to note that the HOLD option automatically activates the reels. But do not be tempted. It is better to occasionally and independently stop the coils when they are sure that the probability of winning is the highest. Check my advice in practice on how to win at the Random Runner VIP slot, and you can do it for free by playing in the demo game mode. I wish you to win again and again, but for this, you need to play many times.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)


This topic will discover you the secrets which obviously will be your magic wand, and it will allow increasing your amount of money in geometric progression. Keep in mind these secrets!

  • The rate. You have to remember that in the main game you should play to the maximum to transfer more coins to the Super Meter account. Consider that for each spin you can put 1 coin and choose only its value. It is better to select the advantage for one chip, equal to 2 coins. Remember that your primary goal is to accumulate special coins, so translate every second winning into this mode.
  • “Super-Meter” mode. Run an additional round each time a certain amount of coins is collected. It is recommended to accumulate from 50 to 100 super-meter of coins and launch the top game. Do up to 10 free spins, but do not print all the winnings. After again, proceed to the main game. Having accumulated the necessary amount, run the “Super-Meter” mode. This tactic allows you to get more wins and spend the entire bankroll.
  • Hold option. A lot of players and gamblers are very addicted to the extra function that stops the drums. Often this leads to a loss, so you should remember that you only have to run this option if the probability of getting a prize is real. Use it in each back is not recommended at all. You can lose more than you would like.
  • Limits. Every time you start a game session, set limits for the bankroll. It is not recommended to continue the game when the loss was more than 50% of the amount that was on your account. Continue to rotate the reels until you get a win, which increased the bankroll by 40-50%. After that, you should end the game session and continue playing later.
  • As you can see, the main secrets of Random Runner VIP slot are the bet and the number of spins made. Apply these strategies to practice and luck will find you.

Important to remember!

  • Choose the maximum bet.
  • Transfer every second winning to the “Super-Meter” coins.
  • Start the “Top Game” after you have accumulated between 50 and 100 coins.
  • Perform up to 10 free spins in an additional mode.
  • Hold the Hold option and run it only if there is a high probability of receiving a prize.
  • Consider the limits to complete the game session on time.

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