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How to win at Lightning Wild

How to win at the Lightning Wild video slotAre you dreaming about finding the appropriate slot with a chance to get a great winning? This article will be useful because this slot machine is exactly what you desire. You can always get more, most importantly, know which strategies to apply. From this article, you will learn how to win at Lightning Wild slot using various methods. All the methods described below can be used in a real game. After all, they were checked by experts, and they increase the chances of obtaining the maximum number of prize coins.

Be sure to learn all the methods that are in this article and use them. After all, the outcome of the game session depends on them. Do not miss the chance to collect more rewards and get great pleasure from the game.

Personal testers opinion

The range of rates is small in this slot. But I advise you to put 20 coins on your back and no more. If you want to risk playing at the maximum bet, then you can immediately after receiving a large prize, reduce it. In the main game, you can get decent awards, but it is better to wait for free games. I managed to catch several advantageous combinations of symbols in them and make good money. The free spins are run often.

The main thing is to choose the optimal rate - in 20 coins for a spin. After the end of free games, try to wait for them to reactivate. Reduce the bet by 40-60 spins, and then return it to its previous size. In most cases, the slot gives out free games again. If you want to increase your winnings in the main round, then you run the game at risk. Adhere to some rules and strategies in it. You can safely apply the tips that are described in the article "How to win at the Lightning Wild slot". And the symbol of this slot machine – the lightning will obligatorily help you break the big jackpot. Do you want it? Read this article attentively and click on the button “Start game”. Good luck!

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)


  • A bet on the spin. Choose a stake of this size, which will allow you to get more prize coins, but it will match your bankroll. For one launch of the reels, you need to put in 1000 times less than on the account. It is not recommended to put too little on the spin, and it is better to play at a rate of 20 coins. If you want to select the maximum stake size, then you will get ready for the costs. Usually, the slot picks up part of the bankroll to get even more.
  • Free games. Run free games with a high frequency. Especially, when the game is played at low rates. But in this case, you will receive small rewards. It is better to bet more to get big wins. You can do 40-80 spins at a time, and the slot will launch free games. After they are completed, and you need to lower your bid. After 40-50 spins, you can increase the bet again.
  • Risk-play. You can use the game for chances after every successful spin. But it is better to increase only small winnings, which do not exceed two or three final bets in size. And you should not increase the awards more than three times in a row, because you can lose the earned one.
  • Limits. You should always watch your bankroll. Do not get carried away and continue the game, when more than 1/3 of the game account is lost. After all, further spins may be losing. It is better to stop and start playing later. But when you received a win that increased the balance on your gaming account by 30% or more, it is recommended to pause or reduce the stake rate on the spin.
  • Time to play. You must commit more than 200 spins of drums in one game session. The more spins are done, the higher the chances of catching big rewards. Spend the game a maximum of time and increase the chances of the winning. But remember about the limits.
  • Now you know all the secrets of this slot, having such information you can always increase your chances of a big win.

Important to remember!

  • You can choose the optimal size.
  • You will not use the highest rates if you have a bankroll of fewer than 50 thousand coins.
  • Make the maximum rotation by playing one bet.
  • Better place up to 20 coins for a spin.
  • In free rounds, you will find a lot of prize coins.
  • Activate the free spin several times.
  • In a risky game, remember the strategy and do not bet big wins.
  • Do not neglect the limits to avoid losing the bankroll.

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