How to win at Big Runner

How to win at the Big Runner video slotAre you sick and tired because of difficult rules and options in the game? Would you like to win and play easily without any troubles? So now you have found this slot. Gambling machines have difficult rules of the game on traditional topics. But it does not mean that it will be tough to get large winnings. It depends on your frequency of the game and your patience. Therefore, we will tell you how to win at Big Runner slot easily.

Especially for you, we tested all the popular strategies to describe only the most profitable ones. You should no longer look for methods that will bring a big win, so read the article and win. By the way, we also have a tip of the tester. It gives brief recommendations on how to maximise profits. Be sure to read the article to the end and be able to break a big jackpot.

Personal testers opinion

A wide range of bets in this slot machine allows you to choose the best option for each player. You should bet on the spin 1000 times less than you have on the game account. And use small bets that do not exceed 20 coins. I also recommend not chasing the maximum payout, since the slot does not often give out them. It is better to put less, but spend more time playing the game. And you should play the game at the same rate. You will not change its size even if you want to earn. Be sure to stick to the limits in order not to lose. After all, if you neglect them, you can lose your prize coins.

By the way, risk play is the only bonus in this slot, which allows you to receive increased rewards. Pay attention to all the nuances that are described in the article "How to win in Big Runner slot machine". Afterwards, you have a chance to break the big jackpot, surely the theme and design of the game are ordinary and routine enough, but this slot is worth playing it. It was the first time when I had played this game. I did not regret, and I have a great desire to win once again. It is fantastic emotions to break the jackpot. That`s why I guess you need to try your luck.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)


  • A bet on the spin. Choose a bet that matches your bankroll. You will not use big bets if you want to win. It is better to put up to 20 coins for a spin and not get carried away. Your bankroll should always be 1000 times more than the rate. Watch for the balance between the game account and the bet, to avoid high costs. If you choose the right stake, you can spend the maximum amount of time playing and get big rewards.
  • Prize combinations and odds. Note that the game is subject to non-standard rules for winning combinations. At the same time, the rate always affects payments. The more you bet, the larger the rewards. But it is important to follow certain rules. For example, do not get involved in large stakes, because it is impossible to influence high-paid combinations. In any case, the slot gives out winnings at random, so you cannot influence them.
  • Playing the odds. Choose any colour card and trust your intuition. In this case, you cannot neglect some of the tips, so as not to lose. First, do not risk more than three times in a row with the same prize. Secondly, it will be recommended to avoid playing for odds if the winnings are more than three total bets. Adhere to these restrictions and will be able to earn more.
  • Limits. It is recommended to use restrictions for the bankroll. In order not to part with all the coins on the game account, you should end the game when you lose more than 30% of the amount that you had before the session. Also, you should not continue the game process when you received a big win. It is recommended to pause to avoid losing payments.
  • Use the knowledge of these secrets of the Big Runner slot machine with free testing in demo mode and make sure that all these strategies work.

Important tips to remember!

  • You need to use small bets to get more prize coins.
  • Do not play at the maximum bet when you want to spend more time playing and have a small bankroll.
  • A bet that is 1000 times smaller than the amount on the gaming account is optimal.
  • Prize combinations are added up to 24 pay lines but in a non-standard way.
  • Playing at risk allows you to win more, but do not get carried away by it.
  • Do not risk big prizes in the game for chances.
  • Remember the limits to avoid losses.
  • Limit your spending and do not forget to finish the game in time.

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  • Take away the “Welcome” bonus to the Energy Casino immediately after registration.
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