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How to win at Shooting Stars

You can increase the number of winnings in this slot machine using particular strategies. In this article, we'll show you how to win at Shooting Stars slot using proven strategies. Our experts test all the strategies that increase the chances of winning. They left some recommendations on how to win in the slot.

Personal testers opinion

After checking the efficiency of strategies that can help you to win on Shooting Stars slot machine, I concluded that it is better to play at low rates. Although the slot has a high return percentage, it does not give large rewards. You can win more if you reduce the number of active lines and increase the bet on the line. For example, put 5 coins on each of the 6 lines. There is also a re-spin option, which brings additional winnings, but you cannot influence it.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Winning strategies

  • Bet on the line: If you choose a bet per spin, you need to consider the size of the deposit. You need to bet 1,000 times lesser than the size of the deposit to win at Shooting Stars slot machine. Many experienced players advise betting from 10 to 30 coins per spin, and it is worth reducing the number of active lines. For example, activate only 5, 6 or more pay-lines.
  • Re-pin: The player cannot influence the probability of launching a re-spin. But when it is launched, it gives additional rewards.
  • The doubling game: You have to rely on your intuition in the classic risk game. Double all winnings that are not more than the final bet.
  • Limitations on winnings and lost bets: Each round of the game on this online slot should begin with the setting of certain restrictions. This is about the maximum amount that you can lose and win. So you should set your maximum percentage to lose at 25% of the deposit, and if you lose up to the set limit, you should stop playing. Also, if you increase the deposit by 40-50%, it is better to stop.
  • More spins - higher chances of winning: The more bets you make, the larger the rewards that can be returned. The slot returns the bets made with a low frequency, so the number of payments received depends on the time spent in the game.
  • Average Volatility: High paying combinations of symbols fall out quite often, so you will receive big rewards. But be sure to consider all the strategies that apply in the gameplay. If you follow them, you will get more prize rewards.

Important tips to remember!

  • Play the game at rates that match the size of your bankroll.
  • If the deposit is in a large amount, then you can play at the highest rates.
  • The percentage of payments in the slot allows you to hope for a positive outcome in the game.
  • Do not reduce the number of prize lines.
  • The "Re-spin" option helps to increase the number of payments. It is activated very often and also prolonged.
  • The risk game has some limitations, which should always be remembered.
  • Do not increase payments that are 2 or more times more than the total rate.
  • Monitor the bankroll balance. When it is rapidly decreasing, it is better to stop or choose another slot machine.
  • Do the maximum number of spins. The ideal option is to make at least 500 bets.
  • The result of the game depends on the chosen strategies.

Where to play?

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