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How to win at Slick Riches

How to win at Slick Riches video slotThe slot machine has a high percentage of payments, but to win more, you need to use individual strategies. In this article, we will discuss all the possible strategies that increase your chances of getting the maximum number of prize combinations. You will learn about how to win at Slick Riches slot even more. By the way, all our strategies are checked by experts, so you can safely use them during the gameplay.

Personal testers opinion

I`ll reveal to you a few secrets of the Slick Riches slot machine. You can put up to 50 coins per spin for one spin in this slot. You can safely play at the maximum stakes because the winnings of the slot often give out. Even though the multipliers for winning combinations are small in size, you can win big prizes. They are given special bonus features, which has an online slot. It should be noted that the bonus game is activated more often if you play at a rate of 10 coins.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot`s winning strategies

  • Select a bet: You can win at Slick Riches at any stake. In this online slot, you will get more payouts if you play at high rates.
  • Bonuses: The presence of bonus functions significantly increases the probability of obtaining the maximum number of prizes coins. You can influence the probability of activation of the prize round. You need to place a bet of 5 to 12.50 coins per spin. But you cannot affect the rewards given by a bonus game. The slot randomly selects all the bonuses.
  • Risk game: You can double your winnings after each successful spin. But do not risk take big prizes. For example, remunerations, which are twice the rate on the spin, it is better to keep. It is still not recommended to double the same prize more than three times.
  • Maximum rotation: It is desirable to make more than 500 spins in one round of the game because the outcome of the game process depends on the number of starts made. The slot has average volatility, so large wins are more common than in many other slot machines from Novomatic.
  • Limitations on expenses and payments: You should lose no more than 35% of the deposit in one game session. Spin the reels further are not worth it because you risk losing the whole bankroll. If you win a big prize or increase the account balance by 50% or more, you should also finish the game, because the risks of losing everything won are very high.
  • Check all these strategies in a free demo mode and be sure to spin the reels at the same rates that you would play for real money. But do not forget about the tester's tips on how to win Slick Riches.

Important tips to remember!

  • The maximum rate is 50 coins. It can bring decent payouts if you play a long period using it alone.
  • Wild symbol increases the chances of winning and increases the number of prize combinations.
  • Free games have lucrative options, so they are easiest to win back.
  • After each successful spin, the risk game starts. It is better to double the payments up to three times in a row.
  • The risk game has some limitations. You cannot increase the winnings that exceed the allowable limits, which depends on the size of the bet.
  • Do not rotate the reels if your deposit is less than 1,000 coins.

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