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How to win at Win Wizards

Every gambler is chasing big wins in this online slot machine, but most of the players don't have the strategies to win more prizes in the game. We decided to show you how to win at Win Wizards slot. Details of all the methods that increase the chances of winning are presented below. We have tested all the strategies so that you can apply them during the gameplay without any fear. If you do not know how to win in a slot, then trust our experts and listen to their recommendations.

Personal testers opinion

Despite the high payout percentage (RTP) of Win Wizards slot, has small multipliers for prize combinations. Therefore, I recommend putting no more than 75 coins per spin. Do not play the game at high rates, because the slot usually gives out low-paying combinations. Your primary goal is the bonus game. You can win the maximum prizes in it. But, I would not advise you to play the risk game, if you win a significant prize.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot`s winning strategies

  • Bet per spin: You can bet up to 100 coins per spin, but do not take that risk. It is better to play at low rates, which do not exceed the 75 coins. And remember that the slot rarely gives out big prizes, but a large number of small payments are provided to you. Therefore, choose a bet that will allow you to make at least 300 spins. By the way, you can reduce the number of active lines, but then the chances of winning will decrease.
  • Bonus game: There is a special bonus game in Win Wizards slot machine. You can win some pretty big prizes in it.
  • The risk game: Each prize can be doubled up to five times in a row. But do not take too risky actions. It is better to increase payments, which are not more than two final bets. And also try to double each win not more than two or three times in a row.
  • Limit on winnings: In no case should you continue to play, if your deposit has increased by 50% or more. After all, you can lose all the winnings. If you decide to play further, be very careful and make lower bets.
  • Pause after losing more than 30% of the bankroll: If you lose more than 30% of the amount that was on the account before the start of the game, you should completely stop rotating the reels and betting. You run the risk of losing all your money if you continue to play the game.

Important tips to remember!

  • Use all 50 lines for the game, because this way you increase the chances of winning.
  • It is recommended that you use a medium-sized bet, because the high rates may be unsuccessful.
  • Consider the bankroll balance when choosing a bet.
  • Do not play less than 400 spins given the established restrictions.
  • All bonuses increase the likelihood of obtaining the maximum number of rewards.
  • The activity of bonuses can be influenced with the help of a bet.
  • Don`t always run a risk game.

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