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How to win at Michael Jackson King of Pop

How to win at Michael Jackson King of Pop video slotWe want to present you the new with spotlights slot. The machines which are devoted to outstanding musicians or bands are not uncommon. This time the developers of SG company decided to send the gambling audience to a meeting with the world celebrity and King of Pop - Michael Jackson. He is an incredibly famous and talented person, except this he is a songwriter, music producer, arranger, dancer, choreographer, actor, screenwriter, philanthropist and entrepreneur. The most successful performer in the history of pop music, known as the "King of Pop", winner of 15 Grammy Awards and hundreds of other awards. He was 25 times recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

The number of Jackson records sold in the world (albums, singles, collections, etc.) is 1 billion copies. In 2009, he was officially recognised as the Legend of America and the Icon of Music. Michael Jackson has made a significant contribution to the development of popular music, video clips, dance and fashion. And exactly he will help you get your moment of glory, and of course, the jackpot is waiting for you. How successful is meeting with the idol of millions of people around the world depends on the correct approach to the game process and the availability of sufficient knowledge to help you clearly understand how to win at Michael Jackson King of Pop slot. Of course, it will be not easy to get such information, so we decided to share with you our observations during testing this slot.

Personal testers opinion

Shortly speaking, this game made me very happy and satisfied. And, first of all, from the functional and the available bonus features, although I will say frankly, I have seen even more sharp features. Nevertheless, I saw enough ways to finish the game session with several hundred Euro. It is true that it was impossible for me to win €1000 or more.

I advise you to play at the bets up to €10, as this is the most reasonable bar between potential rewards and the level of risk. I had many successful calls and at the stake of €4. Michael Jackson King of Pop is a sparkling and stunning slot, and here it is essential to wait for the moment when you get bonus games, and then with a clear conscience, you can quit the game. The second feature is to lower the bet level to €1 and somewhere after 100 spins to increase it again to pass the second bonus wave, but be careful not to lose all the acquired. Also, I am fond of this game, but you need to test it the first time and them to make a conclusion.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Secrets of the slot machine

We will present the practical information our testers obtained during the comprehensive study of the game in this article. We hope that with their help you will not have any problems with understanding how to win at Michael Jackson King of Pop slot and developing your winning strategy:

  • There are not any differences between playing for real money and in the demo mode;
  • Changing the value of the stake in the larger direction increased the dispersion of the slot from low to medium. The higher the amount, the more frequent winning, but we can mention that, as a rule, they did not lead us into a positive balance by the spin;
  • In our opinion, the usual spins cannot be considered as the opportunity to get good winning, and more than once. Still, it is a tool that allows you to launch the available bonus functions;
  • With a skilful approach, you can easily keep your game account balanced for a long time, due to the appearance of wild symbol and the current winning combinations;
  • We managed to establish that playing at the minimum bet is not the best feature, but also hurry up to press Max Bet button is not a panacea. We are always for a reasonable choice, which says that it is optimal to play the game at average bets which are ranging from €4 to €10;
  • The excellent solution of the developers was the appearance of several Wild symbols, each of which has its features that help you get great payouts;
  • In the usual spins, two reels can turn completely into the wild, thereby creating a grand potential for the big winnings; Also, due to wild symbols you can increase the initial bet of 20, and even 30 times, which we managed to do more than once;
  • Randomly appearing Michael Jackson with his lunar walk can at any time add you from 2 to 5 Wild symbols allow thereby to collect several good pay lines at once;
  • All significant payments during the usual spins occurred with the emergence of simultaneously 2-3 wild symbols, not to mention more of them;
  • Note such an exciting bonus round, which can give you a chance to launch free spins where the winning can turn out to be very sweet, but considering that you can only dispose of free spins with the bonus, the probability of such a spread is about 20%;
  • The fact is that the bonus function does not appear too often, so you will receive it on average once per 150 spins, about the same time it takes to collect three scatters;
  • At the bet of €4, we won 5 free spins, during which Michael Jackson made two reels completely wild, and we managed to win €161 and to go up to €134;
  • Also, we were able to plant on the spools three scatters with the inscription Jackpot, which allowed us to get the same €4 instantly €201;
  • Having spent about 500 spins, we were able to finish the game session with a positive balance of €323;
  • The optimal strategy is to play within up to 500 spins. In most cases, it brought us the final winning, but its size was different. We say that there were also losing sessions.

How to use the bonus features

There is no thematic bonus game as such. It is designed to replace the bonus spins, where all your participation is limited by pressing the button that launches it in motion. In most cases, you are being expected a cash prize or an increased multiplier of up to x10. But there are two different rounds of free spins.

In one case it will be 10 free spins with a fixed Wild symbol when they appear. In the other case, you will have only 5 spins, but at the same time in every spin, the reels from 1 to 2 become wild themselves. As a rule, this is quite enough to count on a good winning. We said above about the features of wild symbols.

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