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Online Casino Slot Games with Best Payouts (RTP)


Online Casino Slot Games with Best Payouts RTP
Today it is difficult to imagine a person who has never tried to gamble at least once in his life. One of the most famous types is Slot Games. They allow a person to gamble without any skill in this, but they give you the feeling of excitement just like you would sit in a casino in Las Vegas. The abundance of different casinos that offer their slot machines to players is very large and among them. It is very difficult to find the one that suits every player. Each has its advantages, some like one design and games, some like another. It is also important that different casinos offer their new player's different introductory bonuses and registration benefits.

Some new players also choose a casino only by its introductory bonus but do not read the rest of the rules. You need to look at the RTP level of each game. You should only select licensed casinos that are highly rated by players. Also, do not rely only on the opinion of your friends who have played on this or that site before. You may not be as lucky as they are. Look carefully at the license on the casino website, check it on the website of the company that issued it, as some sites fake these licenses.

Never start playing in an unlicensed casino, the site looks suspicious or similar to another. You can lose your money, and your data and your card details can be stolen and used by fraudsters to steal the rest of your money.

In our list, you can find only those slot games that are verified, have stable payouts for their players, full online support, and regular bonuses for their users. If you have won a large amount of money, the casino will not delay its withdrawal by conducting a bunch of checks. Today we will talk about slots with the highest payouts.

What is Casino Slot Payout?

RTP is the percentage of return of the slot to the player who played. This indicator, it would seem, shows only how much you get from the winnings, but it's not that simple.

RTP (Return to Player) shows how often an online casino player can receive his winnings. Accordingly, then higher the percentage, then more often the player can win. Modern online casinos specifically make the return rate as pleasant as possible for the player. If you went to a regular land-based casino and sat down to play slot machines, then your chances would be noticeably lower than online. In these casinos, you can find such an indicator as 90%, or even 80%, if this casino does not work entirely honestly. Thus, online casinos give their players a great opportunity to really win, not just play. In online casinos that are licensed and value their audience, the level of this indicator usually starts from 90% and higher. This ratio gives players a real chance of winning but does not drive the casino into a loss either.

You should not forget that the RTP indicator in slot games alone should not give you a general idea of the game. This is just one of the factors that you should look at when choosing, RTP is only a theoretical calculation. But today we will give you knowledge about the highest paying slot machines. 

Does the RTP Level Depend on the Winnings?

Of course, we cannot say that the probability of your winning is given only by the RTP coefficient. the size of the winnings depends on the volatility (variance). Accordingly, experienced players who prefer to play for a long time and in one slot should pay attention to slot machines in which the return rate is quite high. This will also be useful for new players since they can gain more experience by playing immediately on slots in which long games can be played.

There is a certain scale of RTP levels. If the RTP level in the game is less than 93%, then this indicator is considered low. Between 93% and 95% is weak. And the next category is the starting point for those casinos that are recommended for the game for any player, both experienced and novice, whose RTP rate ranges from 95% to 97%. If the slot game has this level from 97% to 98%, then this indicator is called excellent and everything that is above 98% is quite rare, but it is called amazing.

If you come across an online casino that speaks of a 100% level, then you should take a closer look at it. Perhaps this is a fake casino that can steal your money. If a real casino set the RTP level at 100%, then it would go broke in a couple of days, because the players would constantly win and the casino would be left without money.

Slot Games with Highest RTP

In this article, you can see slot games with the highest payouts ever. These games are tested and boast all the qualities of great slot games. They have fast payouts and their designs are great. These slot games are officially a recommendation for users. Since nowadays many slot games creators consider it exclusively as an investment and deceive their users. You can see a lot of casinos where you can just lose all of your money. We have compiled a list of those slot games that are recommended to play and they have good marks between the players. Never choose a casino only from empty promises, in this case, you can simply lose your money, your data will be used somewhere without your permission, and you will only have unpleasant memories of playing in an online casino.

The list of the best, in our opinion, slot games includes those games with an RTP of at least 96% in games. 

  • The first slot game with the high RTP is Divine Fortune which is powered by NetEnt. The RTP level of this game is 96.59%. All the game was made in ancient style with elements from Greece and Rome. This is the game with a lot of good feedbacks from players and testers.
  • Immortal Romance by Microgaming is the famous slot game. The RTP level of this game is up to 96.86%. The game is made in a vampire style with bats.
  • The next slot game on our list is Minotaurus. The RTP level of this game is 96.00% and it has 10 lines and 5 reels. The smallest bet in this game is 0.1 €. The game is powered by Endorphina. This video slot is made in the Greek style and has a lot of elements from Greek mythology.
  • Another one great slot game is Starburst, which was made by NetEnt. Is has 10 pay lines and 5 reels too. RTP of this slot Is 96.10%. The game has a lot of positive feedbacks. The game made in a colourful style and it is very nice visually. You only need 0.1 Euro to play this cool game.
  • Blood Suckers game is powered by NetEnt company. It has 5 reels and 25 lines. This game is inspired by vampires too. All the game is made in dark colours and gothic atmosphere. This game has an amazing RTP level – 98.00%!
  • The next game is compatible with all types of devices and it is called Cazino Zeppelin. The game has been made for all types of devices. The RTP level of the game is 96.00%. The maximum win is 67.000 Euro!
  • Another suggested game is Treasure Island. It has an RTP of 97.06%. Powered by Quickspin.
  • Next to the classic slot with 10 lines and 5 reels called Book of Fortune. The jackpot in this game is 10000. The RTP level is higher than 96.00%.
  • Book of Dead is the game by Play'n GO - a cool game with the atmosphere of Egypt. RTP level of the game is 96.21%, it is a standard slot game. The game has a bonus round and the highest payout 5000 coins.
  • The last in our list is a cool game Playboy with a 97.8% RTP level. This game has a 5x3 design. The game has free spins bonuses, wild symbols, and instant scatter prizes. The game is powered by famous Microgaming.

This was our top 10 best online slot games in 2024. You can choose from a list of those that have long been tested by many players from different countries. All of them have an RTP level of at least 96%!

Is the RTP Level the Same in Different Slots from the Same Provider

Many players often ask the question "How is it that the same site has a different level of RTP in games?" The answer is very simple, casinos buy games from developers who initially put different RTP levels in their games. The developers set the level that they can, this is regulated by the gambling commissions. They have a certain scale according to which they can choose the level themselves for a particular game. Thus, by playing different games on the site, you can have different win rates. However, this percentage is not so different from one another. In our list of the top 10 best online casinos with high RTP, it ranges from 96% to 97.5%.

If you are worried that the RTP percentage may change during your game, then take it easy. The providers of these online games are constantly audited and tested by third parties to check their integrity and whether they adhere to the rules they set before them. If you nevertheless come across something like this on the Internet, it is better to leave such a site, since most likely you are in front of a pirate site that can steal your money. To prevent this situation, play on proven recommended sites.


? How to check the RTP level on the website?
To independently check the RTP on any site you need to use a simple formula. To calculate, you need to divide your winnings by the size of your bets, which is multiplied by 100%. Such a simple formula will give you the indicator you need. Thanks to this formula, you can also calculate the income of the casino. If, for example, the RTP level in any game is 97%, this means that in the future the casino will receive only 5% of all bets made in this game.
? Is there any RTP at Live Roulette Casino?
Yes, there is. In live casinos, not everyone can spin the roulette wheel. This is a special person who knows exactly how to turn it, with what force. They constantly measure the level of the table and the surface on which the ball is rolling. A statistical analysis of the hitting of the ball on the numbers is carried out. Of course, we are talking about an honest casino that adheres to all norms and standards.
? What about jackpots? Is it also included in the RTP?
The jackpot, like any other win in the game, must be included in the mathematical formula in the game. Calculating the jackpot is very difficult and there is a separate formula for calculating its probability. It should be calculated without taking into account the main game, that is, the jackpot does not depend on the number of bets made or their size. It is considered completely different. Of course, there is a difference, whether you played 1 time or 1000. The probability of winning grows every time, but do not forget that this is an extremely rare phenomenon.
? Can you say that I will win if I play a game with 100% RTP?
Unfortunately, such a percentage is not possible for the reason that is described in the article above. The RTP percentage is a sample of millions of random games that a robot has made before you for verification. This is not correct to say that you will win just because of this indicator alone. Besides, for this, it is necessary to play an infinite number of games for the theory of probability to finally work in your case.

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