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What is Practice Mode in Online Casino Roulette

What is Practice Mode in Online Casino Roulette
What does roulette possess that makes it retain the title of an invariable attribute of any casino? Perhaps roulette is the very game that most people in the world associate with gambling in the first place. Albeit it's not everyone who knows the difference between the American roulette and its European analogues, what the house edge is, how the roulette grid is organized, what the ball is made of, etc, etc, but if you ask a person to name one single game at a casino, he or she is most likely to say, "Roulette!"

However, if you want to play this fascinating game yourself, you should first try out roulette practice mode to gain some experience. Although the success in this game depends completely on your luck, it is crucial to know its rules and other peculiarities so as not to lose because of your unawareness. As is well-known, the only way to obtain experience is to practice. Before that, it would be useful to learn the basic features of roulette and its various types, which you'll find in the given article.

Types of Free Roulette Practice Games

At the moment, roulette is most often played at online gambling clubs, which is the case with other casino games as well. The features of free online roulette are usually no different from those found in the roulette with real-money bets. First of all, let's get this straight: no matter what variant of roulette you're playing, your task is to guess the whole number of the wheel in which the ball lands after a spin.

Now we move on to the roulette types. To begin with, in modern online casinos you can play several versions of roulette, but they're all based on three types of wheels. The single-zero variation is employed in the European/French-style versions; the American option is characterized by the double-zero variant. The least popular no zero roulette is rare.

  • Single Zero Roulette

In modern casinos, the European and French options are virtually the same. The main differences consist only in the names of stakes and how the playing grid is drawn. Both games contain the same kind of a wheel as well as the same betting options. These variations are usually referred to as classic, or standard ones; they are taken as the basis of most online roulettes. They have thirty-six red and black alternating sectors including one green sector zero that gives an advantage to the casino. Practice these most popular roulettes for free and try your luck in placing real bets!

  • Double Zero Roulette

The American roulette is significantly different from the European/French variations. This game originated in America after the French roulette was brought there. Of course, its current version did not appear in one day but was developed over decades. But it is in this form that the American roulette, or double zero roulette, exists not only in casinos on the American continent but all over the world, including popular online gambling clubs. The main peculiarity of this type is probably the presence of a double zero sector (00).

  • No Zero Roulette

No zero roulette stands apart from the previous kinds. As the name suggests, this type doesn't have any zero sectors. The wheel can contain 18 numbers, with each occurring twice. This variation is called Boule. The house-edge sector on the Boule wheel is usually a certain number. And since there are significantly fewer sectors on the wheel, the mathematical advantage is by no means in favour of the player (as it might seem at first glance). That is why Boule roulette cannot boast a large number of fans in the gambling world. In another version of no zero roulette, there are thirty-six numbers on the wheel, but this option is also not so popular among gamblers due to some peculiarities of its own.

Types of Bets in Roulette Practice Mode

Formally, all roulette bets are divided into the following three types:

  • Inside bets. This kind of bet is available in all variants of roulette. It represents direct bets on numbers (a stake on a particular single number including zero gives the biggest possible win in roulette) as well as internal bets on a combination (two, three, four, five, or six numbers, including zero).
  • Outside bets. These are also found in any kind of roulette: bets on dozens, columns, and some other possible combinations of numbers to be chosen.
  • Call bets. Stakes on the additional track, the projection of the wheel. These bets are unavailable in the (practice) American roulette. The position of numbers accounts for some call bets: a large series, or Voisins du Zero; a small series, or Tier du Cylindre; orphans (Orphelins). Among the call, betting options are those on finals, neighbours, red or black splits, complex stakes.

There are a large number of various betting options in roulette, depending on what risk you are willing to take and what combination of numbers you prefer. These include not only the already mentioned types like columns, dozens, or black-red/even-odd stakes but also a great many other, more intricate ones, which are to be learned before you practice roulette for free.

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Roulette is a very dynamic casino game that you should try out in demo mode before you begin to play for money, owing to the large selection of bets to be placed at the table. If you don't understand what you're betting on, you can lose all your money quickly enough. The practice game will help you understand and memorize all the intricacies of this gambling entertainment and distinguish between its types. Practice roulette for free and gain enjoyable experience to become a true connoisseur of the roulette wheel!

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