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How to win at Amazing Stars

How to win at Amazing Stars slotAre you wondering about how to win at Amazing Stars slot? Then these tips are sure to help you increase the chances of getting a big prize. Below, you will find a lot of useful information which will direct you in the right way during the gameplay. And we have a review from a tester. There are some secrets on how to win in the Amazing Stars slot machine which we have compiled for you in this article. Be sure to read our article, and you will learn how to win in the slot.

Personal testers opinion

Many players choose the Amazing Stars gaming machine because it has two progressive jackpots. I recommend you to race for one of them. Play at high rates because the probability of getting the big prize depends on the rate. The larger the bet, the bigger the prize you will receive. But remember, you have to deposit at least 3000 coins. Only in this way will be able to win something tangible in the slot game.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Winning strategies

  • Progressive Jackpot: The slot machine has a cumulative jackpot. It rarely falls, and to catch it, you need to try hard. You can increase the probability of getting the big prize if you play at rates higher than the average size. Do not skimp on the bet and you will return many times more.
  • Rates range: The slot has a low payout percentage, so the prize combination is rare. Start your gameplay with small bets and gradually increase them. It is better to bet 50 or more coins per spin, so you will be able to maintain a positive balance of your bankroll.
  • Risk game: In the double game, winning depends on luck. Do not risk the big prizes. The principle of this game is that you need to guess or strip lights. Depending on the rate and size of the winning, the player will receive a certain number of rounds. But it is better to play on low-key, so as not to lose the entire prize.

You can play at Amazing Stars slot in following Novomatic casinos

  • Casumo casino gives its players a 25% Cashback bonus.

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