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How to win at Anubix

How to win at Anubix slot
The main goal of every gambler is to get the maximum number of wins. We'll tell you how to win at Anubix slot machine.

Carefully read the article and draw your conclusions. After all, a single strategy to a successful game does not exist. But you can increase your chances of winning by using our tips, strategies and recommendations.

Personal testers opinion

If you want to win in this slot, then play with maximum bet. After all, the game has only 5 pay-lines. Putting 20 coins on each line, you can get the prize of 100,000 coins. Such winnings worth chase. But remember, the gaming machine cycle is long, so you should not feel sorry for your credits. The most profitable are free spins but catching them is difficult. Although it is real, they are usually activated after a long series of losing spins.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Winning strategies

  • Catch free spins: The biggest payout in the slot is available in free spins mode. And all because at the time of their actions, additional Anubix symbol comes into play. It doubles all winnings from a free spin. You must collect three to five characters with the image of a scarab. This combination does not appear often and does not depend on the size of the bet.
  • Rates size in the Anubix gaming machine. You can get big winnings. Playing at the maximum rate can give you a big reward. But it should be noted that you need to properly allocate your deposit, so as not to lose everything. So be sure your account balance lasts a minimum of 100 spins. Start playing at lower rates and gradually raise it to the largest size.
  • The time that should be spent on the game: To win in this slot, you need to spend a long time playing. This is due to the average volatility of the slot. It provides large prizes at long intervals but does not present a large prize quite often.

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