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How to win at 7s Gold Casino

How to win at the 7s Gold Casino video slotThis game does not leave you indifferent, and it is devoted not only to VIP people, rich or privileged, it is also for those who dream about breaking the jackpot. During the game process, you can get not only bright emotions but also large payments, if you know a few secrets which we will reveal here. On how to win at 7s Gold Casino slot, we will tell in this article minutely. Below is detailed information about all the methods that should be used in the slot to increase the chances of winning.

You need to carefully study the described methods and apply them in real gameplay. And we also have a tip of the tester. In it, the expert left a lot of useful recommendations, which should also be used when you will decide to play for the first time. So, we rather start reading our article, to break a big jackpot.

Personal testers opinion

As for me, I appreciate this slot above all. One of the benefits is the design, and I like ordinary without something diverting and so on. 7s Gold Casino slot is usual to design, but also attracts the players who dream about only the winnings and the low level of defeat. In my opinion, it is the ideal game. Now I will tell some necessary secrets for you. So, if you decide to win, at first you should read the article “How to win at 7s Gold Casino slot” you must know it. So, I recommend that you play at the same rate, but periodically changing it. You can start with low bets, increasing every 5-10 spins. Raise the bid until you get a win that will make the final bet 10 or more times higher. After that, you should lower your bet.

By the way, it is important to consider limits. Do not neglect them, because you can prolong the game session and be saved from losing. Since the slot does not have additional options, you will receive all the winnings in the main game. As for the game for chances, it is better to activate it only in rare cases: when the prize is small. For example, less than the final bet. Listen to the recommendations and leave the game the winner. I hope my feedback will be useful and helpful for you and you can come true your dreams and break the jackpot. Shortly speaking, it is possible, I did it a lot of time.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)


  • The rate. You can start with low rates, which are less than 2-3 coins. Gradually increase the rate. It is worthwhile to increase the number of credits that you will bet on your back, every 8-10 spins. Increase the bet until the slot yields a big win. After that, it is worth lowering the number of coins that you put on your back. Because the game has no additional options. You need to know how to win at 7s Gold Casino slot more, using the betting strategy. Also, you can play one bet and not change it during the entire game session. Then you should remember that you need to put in 1000 times less than what you have on the account. Adhering to this tactic, you will avoid losses and will be able to spend more time playing.
  • Limits. Before the first spins, you should set limits for your bankroll. You can start with a maximum individual win, after which you complete the game. It is recommended to set this limit at 50% of the original game account amount. It is also worth setting limits on the number of lost bets. You cannot continue to make bets if your account is 30% less. It is better to pause to start the rotation of the reels in a short time.
  • Playing at risk. The doubling round should be run only when the winnings received are less than two final bets. In other cases, it is not worth risking rewards. It is also recommended to increase one prize not more than twice in a row. Do not disregard these tips, the game of chance is not predictable.
  • More spins. For the game session, you need to make from 200 spins of coils. The more time you spend on the game, the higher the chances of winning. But do not forget about the limits. They should not be neglected.

Important to remember!

  • Use the betting strategy to get big wins.
  • Choose a bet based on the current state of the game account.
  • Make the maximum number of spins, and you can win.
  • It is better to increase only small winnings in a risk game.
  • Consider the established limits and get maximum rewards.

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