How to win at Blazing Riches

How to win at the Blazing Riches video slotEach player has the opportunity to get more prize coins. That`s why our developers created one of the involving and exciting slots – Blazing Riches. You should just read our article, which tells how to win at Blazing Riches slot. All the tips presented on our portal work and help to get the maximum number of winnings. And also avoid a bankroll loss.

If you apply the described strategies, the probability of successful completion of the game session will be assured to you. Do not forget that we have the recommendations of a tester who checked all the methods. You can be sure of the successful end of the game, in which you will use a set of ways that increase the chances of winning.

Personal testers opinion

You can observe that in this slot, the standard percentage of kickback for games with a progressive jackpot. You have to prepare for the fact that the slot will not always give out big prizes. Therefore, choose the size of the bet that will allow you to spend more time on the game process. If you want to race for the progressive jackpot, then you will choose the maximum bet. But then get ready for a long game and spending. I recommend that you play at lower rates because it is important to spend a lot of time playing the game. The optimal bet is 1/1000 of the bankroll. It is one of the important advice! Just remember it. As for me, this knowledge helped me when I was playing the first time and could win. It was the gat pleasure, thanks to those who write this article “How to win at Blazing Riches slot” because it is so useful and necessary.

Guided by these tips, you can increase the chances of winning. The most significant awards are waiting in the free spins mode, which is activated with a high frequency. Usually, free spins are launched every 80-150 spins. But, if you play one bet and do not change it during the entire game session, you can increase the likelihood of activating free games. As for the game of chance, it is better to run it rarely. More details about the strategies that should be used in it are told in the article “How to win at the Blazing Riches slot”.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)


  • The rate. The choice of the bet is the main factor from the secrets of the Blazing Riches slot, which affects the probability of obtaining a large prize. If you want to get the maximum winnings represented by the progressive jackpot, then you will choose a bet of 50 coins and rotate the reels to the winning spin. But in this case, it should be borne in mind that the bankroll should have impressive sizes. If you bet less, then the winnings will be small, and only a portion of the progressive jackpot is paid. How to choose the right bet? First, it should be 1000 times lower than a bankroll. And secondly, your deposit should be enough for at least 500 spins, considering all the restrictions.
  • Free spins. When choosing a bet, remember that free games are activated more often if you play the game without changing the number of credits put on the spin. This tactic will allow more frequent runs of free rounds, as well as compete for the progressive jackpot. In any case, it is necessary to catch at least three times free spin to get the maximum of large rewards.
  • Playing at risk. The doubling round should only be activated if a small prize is awarded, which is equal to or less than the total bet. The remaining prizes should be kept for stakes. Will not risk them if you want to win. It is also not recommended to multiply one win more than three to four times in a row. The probability of remaining without a prize is very high.
  • Limits. Always remember the restrictions for the bankroll. You cannot neglect them. You should complete the game process when more than 1/3 of the amount that was on the account before the game was played is lost. Also, it is not recommended to continue to bet after receiving a large prize. Avoid significant expenses and will be able to leave the game as a winner. The final result of the game depends on the pause made in time.
  • Time to play. If you decide to chase a progressive jackpot, then the game process should be spent the maximum amount of time. Do not interrupt. But if the main prize is not your goal, then you can play as long as you want. But for the successful completion of the gaming session, it is necessary to perform from 100 spins of the drums.

Important to remember!

  • The maximum bet is closer to getting a progressive jackpot.
  • One spin is worth 1,000 times less than you have on the game account.
  • Playing at low rates allows you to get good rewards.
  • Activate the free spins more than three times to get more prize coins.
  • Playing at the same rate, you increase the chances of running free games.
  • It is better to bet very small winnings in a risk game.
  • Limitations for bankrolls must be considered in any case.
  • Make the maximum number of spins per game session and, possibly, the progressive jackpot will become yours.

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