How to win at Dice Winner

How to win at the Dice Winner video slotFrom this moment your imagination about slots will change completely. The Dice Winner is the perfect game for gamblers who dream about breaking the jackpot. But at first, you can get a big prize if you know how to win at Dice Winner slot. We will tell you everything that we learned about the features of the game. The main what you need to do is to listen to all the tips. After all, the secrets of the slot described will help to increase the chances of winning if you use them in real gameplay.

So, read the article, and after check whether these methods work in demo mode. By the way, on our site, you can play for free and without restrictions. We offer you to hear and the advice of the tester, in which the expert left a few recommendations regarding the successful completion of the game session.

Personal testers opinion

If you like non-standard slots, then you should learn all the secrets of Dice Winner slot, because it is extraordinary and exciting. I prefer it above all. That`s why I will tell some useful information which is based on my experience. I want to note that you can use any bet in the game. After all, it does not affect the size of payments. But the winnings that can be obtained during the game session depend only on you. I advise you to fill the drums gradually, exposing the sets of symbols to the most advantageous positions.

Be sure to choose a place for pictures that will bring the highest prize. After all, your task is to score 100 points. Note that highly paid symbols are extremely rare. So, start filling the first slot, leaving one for the most disadvantaged character combinations. By the way, the bonus game is activated rarely. Do not chase after her. The high payouts are easy to get and in the main round. I also recommend that you play more.

Do not less than 300 spins of reels per game session to receive large rewards. This game gives me a lot of money and the main good emotions and satisfaction. Because of this reason I strongly recommend you try your luck and power. Moreover, you will estimate the design of the game which looks modern. Shortly speaking, you need to play it, and you will understand everything.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)


  • The rate. When you choose a bet, be sure to consider the balance on the game account. You should bet 1000 times less than the current bankroll. If you make the best bet, you can spend more time playing. The result of the game session depends on the number of spins being made. It is also recommended that you play at rates that are no more than 25 coins. Higher rates can lead to the loss of some of the coins that are on the account.
  • Formation of winning combinations. In this slot, there is a feature - the outcome of the game depends on you. How to win at Dice Winner slot more, you should know. So, first of all, fill the drums, given the set of fallen symbols. The most profitable combinations put in positions in which the probability to win the maximum. But the most disadvantageous combination is better to install in one slot. Be sure to select one to skip the unsuccessful characters. If you have several options, then you will install the drum in the place where you can get more points. Therefore, check with the payout table to avoid losses. Note that it depends on you, what result you will get as a result. Include logic and trust your intuition to earn more.
  • Bonus game “Wheel of Fortune”. The prize round is rarely run, so you will not be able to influence it. The only way to win is to collect bonus pictures in one slot. But do not get carried away. It is better to get a big win than to dwell on the bonus game.
  • Limits. Set the limits if you want to get the maximum rewards. You will need to limit yourself in the game if the loss is more than a third of the bankroll. Also, do not get carried away and keep betting when you hit a big jackpot. If you consider all the restrictions, you will be able to maintain a positive bankroll balance.
  • Time to play. Spend more time playing the game. Do 200 spins of reels to collect the maximum rewards. But it is worth considering the limitations of the game account. Listen to the recommendations, so as not to lose.

Important to remember!

  • Use any bet size.
  • High rates will allow you to break the maximum winning.
  • Fill the reels with the symbols that have fallen out.
  • Always leave one slot for non-profitable combinations.
  • The bonus game is rarely launched.
  • Consider the set limits to maintain a positive bankroll balance.
  • Complete 200 spins of reels in one game session.

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