How to win at Fruit Fortune

How to win at the Fruit Fortune video slotWe present you the new slot and the article about “how to win at Fruit Fortune slot”. This slot is popular among players around the world because of the fruit theme. But not only the thematic attracts their attention, but also the additional options that they have. Regardless of the bonuses available in the slot, everyone should know how to get more prize combinations. After reading this article, you will understand how to win the grand prize at Fruit Fortune slot.

The most profitable strategies that should be used are described below. Testers tested them, and one of them even shared some recommendations. You need to study the entire article attentively and apply this knowledge in real gameplay. And we are sure that you will end the game successfully.

Personal testers opinion

Any player should always remember the rules of betting. As you know, slots from the company Novomatic often have a long cycle and are endowed with high volatility. Therefore, you need to play at average rates to avoid losses. The optimal bet is the most massive bet in this slot, as it allows you to compete for the progressive jackpot. But keep in mind that your bankroll should be 1000 times larger if you want to put the maximum.

I recommend that you do not focus on the main prize and choose small bets. For example, 10 or 20 coins for a spin. Of course, you can use other stakes, depending on the number of coins that is on the account. Pay attention to the strategies that are described in the article “How to win at Fruit Fortune slot”. They help to get more prize coins and avoid losses. Do not forget about the limits and always stick to them to complete the game session. I hope my tips will come in handy you, as for me, this game is appropriate for me, and the design is so please for eyes. Read this article attentively and start playing without a doubt!

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)


  • A bet on the spin. When choosing a bet, pay attention to the bankroll and your goals. If you want to chase a progressive jackpot, then you will put the maximum. But keep in mind that on the game account there must be an amount that is equal to 50 thousand coins or more. If your bankroll is small, then you will choose the bets that are equal to 1/1000 of the amount on the gaming account. Only in this way you will avoid losses and will be able to receive good rewards.
  • Free games. The free spin mode is launched often when the game is played without changing the bet. So, choose one bet size and make over 50 free spins. Usually, the slot gives out good awards in free games. If you received a small prize, then you will not change the bet and continue to bet. Otherwise, you can reduce the stake for a short period, and then raise it again. This tactic allows you to avoid losses and leads to significant rewards.
  • Progressive Jackpot. Affect the probability of loss of the main prize you cannot. The only thing you need to know is that the size of the bet affects the payout that you receive when you drop 15 symbols of Shut. The higher the rate, the larger the reward. But this award is extremely rare, so get ready for spending. It is worth waiting for her, but when this happens - is unknown.
  • Playing at risk. Choose the game for the odds if you get a win, which is equal to or less than two final bets. Affect the probability of completing the round for doubling, and you cannot. But in order not to lose your winnings, it is better to increase it no more than three times in a row. Two times will be quite enough.
  • Limits. Each game session begins with the setting of limits. You cannot lose more than 30% of the game account, so end the game immediately after reaching the set limits. Also, you should pause if you broke a big jackpot. If the winnings increase the bankroll by 30-40%, then you will stop betting. Return to the spinning of the reels later.
  • Time to play. You should spend the maximum amount of time for the game process if the main goal is a progressive jackpot. After all, he will fall very rarely. It is recommended to perform at least 400 spins of drums in one game session. If your goal is a lot of excitement, then you will play for fun. But never forget about limits. They are an essential part of the winning strategy game.
  • Check the strategies described in the secrets of Fruit Fortune slot in practice. But do it first for free in the demo mode of the slot, and afterwards, play for real money.

Important to remember!

  • Bets are selected based on the amount on the player's account.
  • The maximum bet brings the player closer to getting a progressive jackpot.
  • Play at the lowest rates, it is not profitable.
  • Do not change the bet before running free games.
  • In the free spin mode, winnings depend on the bet.
  • It is difficult to disrupt the progressive jackpot, and it is impossible to influence the frequency of its loss.
  • Consider all the limits that you have set, and do not neglect them.
  • In the risk game, multiply only small rewards.
  • Stick to all strategies and luck will only be on your side.

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