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How to win at Plenty on Twenty

How to win at the Plenty on Twenty slotMany players face a problem playing a slot game - they do not know how to win at Plenty on Twenty slot. We have decided to help and tell you how to do win in the slot machine.

Below, you will find several game strategies that can increase the probability of winning. Each of them is checked by our tester who left recommendations on how to win in the slot machine.

Personal testers opinion

The optimal bet size in Plenty on Twenty slot machine does not exceed 50 coins per spin. It is at such rates you can win more. Although, playing at rates less than 10 coins, you are unlikely to win large prizes. But I also do not recommend playing at the maximum bet, because it can make you finish the game very quickly. The slot may not give out prize combinations for a long time but afterwards, will reward you with large prize payments.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot game-winning strategies

  • Winning bets: You can win more in the slot if you play at certain rates. First of all, the rate should match the size of your deposit. In simple words, your deposit should be enough for 1000 spins. The longer time you spend playing, the larger the payout you will get. The game has a big gap between the prize-winning backs. If you are on a string of "empty" starts, be sure to continue playing. After the big “empty,” you will receive good winnings.
  • The risk game: Some players argue that the slot reluctantly doubles the winnings in the risk game. But this is not the point. In the doubling round, you cannot apply any strategy, because it is impossible to predict the outcome of the game.
  • Stop in time: In the gaming machine, some restrictions should be followed. For example, when you receive wins that increase the deposit by 50% or more, you should stop. And if you lower half of your bankroll on the bet, immediately stop the game process. Otherwise, you can lose all your deposit.
  • Maximum rotation of the reels: The more bets you make, the more you will return in the end. The slot gives out large prizes quite often, but to recoup it will take more than 300 spins. Count on a long game, if you want to get the most prizes.
  • Volatility and percentage of payments: The RTP of the gaming machine has an average value, while the volatility is at a low level. So, the winning combinations fall out very often and allow you to win back all the bets you made.

Important tips to remember!

  • Set up such a bet that will allow you to make at least 200 spins.
  • Do not play at the maximum rate if you are not sure of your abilities.
  • The low volatility of the slot allows you to get high-paid combinations more often.
  • Large payouts are given only by two symbols - wild and scatter.
  • With a deposit of fewer than 1,000 coins, you should not start the game.
  • Play not for the sake of victory, but for excitement.
  • Increase all winnings that are less than two final bets.
  • A minimum bet of 0.40 coins can bring more payments than the maximum.
  • It is better to play at stakes that do not exceed 40 coins per spin.
  • In the payments table, you will find information about the final payments for the prize combinations considering the current rate.

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