How to win at Roaring Forties

How to win at the Roaring Forties video slotThe summer is coming, and the desire of eating fruits increases, our developers created the best way to relax and satisfy your hunger. Besides this fact, you have the chance to break the grand jackpot and get pleasure. If you decide to get the maximum number of prize coins, then it will be worth knowing how to win at Roaring Forties slot. We will reveal all the secrets of this classic, at first glance, slot, so that each player can get more wins.

Below is detailed information on how to increase the chances of winning and to break a big jackpot. Be sure to listen to advice, and read all the tips of the tester. The expert who tested the slot machine left a few lucrative recommendations, do not doubt, he is the true expert of this game, we chose the feedback of the man who always tries it and knows everything about it. You will need to learn his game methods, and you can get a cool prize if you apply them in real gameplay.

Personal testers opinion about Roaring Forties Slot

It is the most appropriate game, especially when the summer is coming, so fresh, colourful and so tasty. It is one of the reasons why I like this game. I know some secrets about it and would like to share it with you. The secrets of the Roaring Forties slot were quite challenging to disclose. But I did it. So, you should always remember that betting in this game is of great importance. The outcome of each spin depends on it. Bets are considered optimal, which will allow you to spend a lot of time playing. The ideal option is to make more than 200 spins in one game session.

But you should also take into account the limitations. They will help to avoid losses and keep the coins won. Keep in mind that when you are playing at the highest stakes, you can also get maximum rewards. Since there are no bonus options in the slot, there are no deductions in favour of the bonus. All significant rewards are available only in the main game. Although, there is a classic round for doubling. But it should be run if it is necessary. Do not get carried away, and then you can save the rewards for betting. As you understand, there is no reason to worry, and everything is quite easy, in my opinion. This game is devoted to those who appreciate the tasty and ordinary theme of the slot. All in all, I like so much.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)


  • The rate. When you choose a bet, you should understand that it is the decisive factor in this game. How to win at Roaring Forties slot, applying the strategy of betting, is told further. So, start the game with a low bet and do up to 20 spins. As soon as you receive a win that increases the final stake by 5-10 times, you can raise the bet. Then make another 20 launches of drums. You need to continue until you get a big win. Please note that when you receive a large prize, you should decrease the bet. Increase and decrease your bid, as recommended. In this case, the slot will give out more prize combinations, especially those that have high multipliers.
  • Playing at risk. You can double any winnings, but do not risk big rewards. Better bet on payouts, which are not more than 2-3 final bets. And it is not recommended to get involved. Increase the same prize no more than three times in a row. Please note that it was not possible to unravel the probability of a card being dropped. After all, cards are issued at random, and no cyclicality is available.
  • Restrictions. In the game, you always need to set limits for your bankroll. They will help to avoid losing. Remember, when the amount on the game account has decreased by 30% or more, you need to pause. Otherwise, it will lead to significant losses. Also, you should end the game session when you receive a prize that increases the balance on the game account by 40-50%. If you do not neglect these tips, you can win more.
  • Time for the game session. Treat the game as entertainment. But do not forget that the result depends on the number of spins done. The more launches you make, the higher the chances of winning. In this slot, you need to make more than 200 spins to win back and return all bets made.

Important to remember!

  • The bet is selected based on the bankroll.
  • The number of coins on the game account should be enough for 200 or more spins.
  • High rates are the most profitable.
  • The maximum prize of 40 000 coins is rarely awarded.
  • The game of chance gives an opportunity to increase the rewards.
  • Do not get carried away by playing at risk.
  • Increase prizes no more than three times in a row.
  • Consider all limits and do not neglect them.
  • Make a maximum of reel rotations in one game session.

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