How to win at Sinderella

Every gambler has the opportunity to win in this slot game. How to do it? Read our article and apply all the knowledge gained, while you are playing the slot game because we offer only verified information. Experienced players have tested our strategies. They explained in detail how to win at Sinderella slot and increase the number of credit on your account several times.

Personal testers opinion

There is a wide range of rates in Sinderella slot machine. You can put up to 100 coins on a spin, but here the prize combinations multipliers are not very large. I would recommend that you do not play at high rates. The best rate is from 25 to 50 coins per spin. You also need to spend a lot of time on the game to win even more. I would also like to note that in the risk game, you can increase each winning that does not exceed the allowed limit. This is the only and most effective way to get additional payments.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Winning strategies

  • Rate: There are 50 pay-lines in the slot machine, so when you will be choosing a bet per spin, you must pay attention to this fact. Therefore, it is better to bet from 25 to 50 coins on one spin. Playing at such rates, you can win more prizes. But remember that your deposit should be 1000 times more than your bet per spin.
  • The risk game: While choosing the colour of the card, note that there is no periodicity in the risk game. Therefore, you need to trust your intuition, but not logic. Risk all prizes, except winnings, which exceed the total bet two or more times.
  • Symbol of Cherry: Before each spin, the payout size that the cherry symbol can give will appear on the screen. You cannot predict the winnings or the loss of this picture. Just wait for the slot to give out the big prize.
  • Limit yourself: Before the rotation of the reels, remember the limitations. If you managed to increase your bankroll by 50% or more, then it is better to stop playing for a while. Be sure also to stop when you lose more than 30% of the deposit.
  • Time to play: You should spend a lot of time on each game session. It is better to play up to 300 spins; that is the possible way to increase the chances of the winning. Be sure to consider all the limitations mentioned above.
  • Percentage of payments and volatility: The average volatility of the slot and the percentage of payments allow you to return most of the rates in a short period. If you make the maximum number of rotations, you can quickly recoup and increase your deposit.

Important tips to remember!

  • The symbols create prize combinations on 50 pay-lines on three reels, which mean that the winnings fall out with a high frequency.
  • The bet of 100 coins per spin is not worth it, because it posed too much risk of losing most of the deposit and no time to recoup.
  • Wild symbol falls out often and helps to get more prize combinations.
  • The mystical prize from the Cherry symbol gives quite large rewards while playing at high stakes.
  • Payout of 20,000 coins is available only when playing at the highest rate.
  • In the risk game, double all payouts that are small.
  • Do not forget that there are limits. Be sure to consider them and get more payments.

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