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How to win at Pyramid Quest for Immortality

How to win at Pyramid Quest for ImmortalityEven if you are not attracted to slots with a broken like an old record an ancient Egyptian theme, still doesn't pass by custom and high-quality solutions under the name of Pyramid the Quest for Immortality. Because in this time you will manage to look, what is hidden in the depths of the pyramid, and to reach the coveted prize, announced by the developers of the very impressive amount of 3 600 000 coins. In the meantime, you'll wander through the maze, and admire the eye-catching design our testers will conduct a mini-lecture on how to win at Pyramid Quest for Immortality slot.

At first, according to the ancient tradition you need to worship seated on the throne important deity. But since not all gamblers are so, believers have to rely more on the positive mathematical expectation of the winning than dancing with tambourines. Although if the latter helped to understand how to win at Pyramid: Quest for Immortality slot machine, wanting to learn to dance would be significantly increased.

Pyramid Quest for Immortality

This slot uses a classic strategy of the stretching cycle. However, its rate of elongation is very high. And if the first 50-100 spins you can play in a short cycle, then the next 50-100 you are in the middle, then in a long and (using a total of 300-500 spins) already very long. Due to additional multipliers, the Pyramid slot can give huge wins. But the casino should be large enough for the formation of such a large prize fund. Be very careful with this slot. Ideally, you should play the first time a small number of spins at a high rate. We recommend this slot.

Hidden parameters and settings the slot machine (data from testing)

Strategy of the winning

  • We turned out that the ancient Egyptian God is very moody when you are playing in free mode. And immediately favour players who deserve not going to win. Require attention and long rates.
  • Accepting the condition of the game, we began to make offerings, gradually increasing the bet size. This approach allowed slightly to increase the winnings – the rate changes affected the duration of the game cycle.
  • The Avalance Feature option can give the multipliers from x1 to X10.
  • Another option is Wild Generation can bring good winnings, leaving the playing field of the generated wild symbols.

You can play at Pyramid Quest for Immortality slot in following the Netent casino

In several online casinos, you can pass the unusual quest to take out of the hands of the ancient God a good win. By the way, in each of them not only provide the opportunity to play at the Pyramid Quest for Immortality slot but also will provide bonuses as well as any deity.

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