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How to win at Robin Hood

How to win at Robin HoodIf you are always fighting for good and justice, then you don't miss your chance to try on a suit of Robin Hood and to understand how to win at Robin Hood slot and highlight some major winnings to the charity. But even if you forget to share your prize money, our testers still ready to give some pieces of advice about how to win at Robin Hood slot machine. However, hope should not only be the advice, even from professionals but incorporated in the automatic return means to ensure the positive mathematical expectation of the winning.

Probabilities of winning and bonus, declared by Netent

The probability of winning in this slot machine is above average. After all, any winning will fall in 35-36 spins out of 100 made. And in bonus spins the probability of getting any pay combination reaches 45.6%. By the way, in the main launches, 19.8% of the bets will be reserved for payment in the bonus, and 76.9% will return in the usual spin.

Personal testers opinion

It is difficult to say what may explain the greed of the Robin Hood slot machine. Perhaps, it is a low players’ interest. This is an average slot in all respects. Despite the high payout percentage (96.8%), I don’t recommend this slot.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Strategy of the winning

  • You can play in free mode and explore some interesting strategies in that slot. In our case, we must say generous legends character doesn't hurry to throw sacks of coins.
  • The change in the rates is not affected to increase the size and number of the winnings. The visible change of the duration of the cycle depending on the change rate is not brought.
  • Shift the reels to the left and re-spin the first reel in each win gives you a chance to get the best combination of payments. Moreover, with every re-spin, the multiplier increases from x1 to X5.
  • You can count for the maximum winning during the free spins, where the player gets Extra Wild.


You can play at Robin Hood slot in following Netent casinos

Several can send you in the famous Sherwood Forest in the company of well-known robber. They will tell you how to win at the Robin Hood slot machine.

  • You must go to TTR casino. Why here? Yes, just this casino transfers the winnings into your account in 15 minutes and doesn't require the verification.
  • There is a whole bag of surprises waiting for you in Play Fortuna casino. Start with 20 big spins at the rate of 1$, then receive a reload bonus and complete the game getting cash back, if something went wrong.

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