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How to win at Well of Wonders

How to win at the Well of Wonders video slot
Our developers present the new slot - Well of Wonders which will surely surprise you and besides get a lot of pleasure. First of all, the game strikes with its special symbol, where there is no place for the already becoming annoying the reels and the classic card symbols. Instead, you will find the fantastic graphics and creative implementation of the gameplay. And, of course, we do not forget about the presence of a functional component, which allows us to speculate on how to win at Well of Wonders slot.

Below here we will sort through this slot and express our thoughts about how realistic it is to be in the black because that is what primarily interests all of you. Our professional testers made a massive number of spins and conducted some gaming sessions. Here on these data, our judgements about the slot are built. You should read this article attentively, and it will be easy to break the jackpot.

Personal testers opinion

As you see, the game filled me with another machine from this provider Fruit Warp. Of course, the graphics, animation and sound at the altitude attract the attention of the players. But I was primarily looking at the gameplay and how it allows you to count on success. I agree with the fact that the pay-table and it does not enable to accelerate.

I managed to get around this business simply. I made the medium-sized stakes, and I achieved the best scores, by playing for €5, and I wish you the same. This figure is optimal from all points of the view. In case of the successful spins, the winning will please the eye, and if the losses are launched, they will not inflict serious damage to your budget, especially since in part you will still be able to recoup.

Do not expect that you will win in the region of €500 and above. For this purpose, there are no such prerequisites because of the available functionality, and I consider it unreasonable to risk the large sums. But here to get your €100-200 is quite a solvable task, requiring only a long time. So, in conclusion, I recommend playing this slot for real money.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from the testing team)

Secrets of the slot machine

Here we will talk not only about how to win at this game but also analyse possible strategies for playing the game, as well as the available features. Thus, you will have everything you need to make a general impression of the game and decide on the tactics:

  • Start with the testing the slot machine in free mode, especially since it shows the same results as while you will be playing for the real money;
  • All slots of Thunderkick company are characterised by a long game cycle, so it is tempting to reduce it somehow. We managed to influence it by varying the dignity of the coins and their number, but using the buttons Spin and Max Bet did not produce any result;
  • Do not expect that the game will amaze you with generosity from the first spins. Since the cycle as we said here is long, then you will be metered in the first place by the succession of the winning, alternating with the losses;
  • You can make sure that start the game session best with the small bets up to €1, and then, as the situation develops, you can increase the denomination of coins. The optimal for you is to do not exceed the amount of €10 for one spin;
  • Simultaneously, seven symbols will appear from the middle of the well. To get the winning, you need to get three identical images. What is so special about it? You do not need them to go from the extreme reels as in most cases; it is enough to appear on the screen in the required amount and hence the conclusion. Your chances for the formation of the pay combination increase many times and this is an undoubted plus;
  • The longer you play, the more willing the machine starts giving the payment. Yes, of course, they cannot always be large, but they are sufficient to keep the bankroll in a balanced state;
  • I want to draw your attention to two essential aspects that are in the usual spins. After each successful spin symbols disappear, involved in creating the pay combination, and in their place will be others from the well, and so will occur as long as you do not get the empty spin. As the testing was shown that in most cases this series consists of 3-4 attempts;
  • Each consecutive re-spin not only brings in the bonus coins but also promotes you along the ladder of the multipliers, located in the well in the form of stones. Due to this function, the winning in the usual spins increases significantly. We succeeded in not getting one and not twice the maximum multipliers x16 and x32;
  • The average score of the winning without using the additional bonus features in this game was x2 up to x10 times the initial stake, but the upper limit is not reached as often as everyone would like;
  • A serious disadvantage of the machine, unfortunately, is that you can get a good winning only due to the participation of higher multipliers since the paytable itself does not spoil the high coefficients;
  • The wild symbol is a frequent visitor on the screen of the machine, and sometimes even in the double numbers. Given the system of the formation of the pay combination, its appearance at 99% guarantees you the winning spin;
  • If you want to get something substantial and your budget allows you to conduct a more aggressive game, then it will be best to use medium-range tactics in the range of €5-10;
  • The role of the fairy was not as significant as it seemed to us initially. Yes, it can help you stay in the game, but it appears not only by chance but also exceptionally rare. It can only be seen in the case of the failed, then she waved her wand removes symbols and provide re-spin and multiplier choose, but all of these actions do not guarantee every time the winning.

Thunderkick casino

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