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Legal Age to Start Playing at Online Casinos

Legal Age to Start Playing at Online Casinos
There are prohibitions and rules in the gaming sphere. In this article, we will talk about casino age rules to start playing. Minors are not allowed to play at the online casinos. It applies not only to casinos but also to other gambling establishments. 

Everyone knows that only 18 years old players can play casinos. But when we mean the online casinos, a lot of people doubt this rule. They often believe that they can circumvent this ban. But it is unreal. Online casinos observe age restrictions no less carefully than in regular ones.

So, online casino operators impose very strict age restrictions. Minors do not have the right to play in gambling establishments. A lot of gambling lovers think that the rules are easy to break. They are sure that online gambling verification does not recognize age. But we will upset you. Virtual identity can determine the age of the player.

Countries have set an age limit on gambling. This restriction is strictly protected by law. By the way, there are a lot of sanctions for accepting bets from minors. Such censorship is aimed at establishing and educating morality. When a person grows up, then he solves such questions with an adult head. Young people are very spontaneous in their decisions. Often, minors think about the consequences at last.

There are special gambling age laws in each country. We will tell you about age restrictions in detail in the article. You will learn how old you need to be to gamble in a casino.

The Age Requirements as They Are

Each country's jurisdiction has a minimum age for the casino for real money. All gambling clubs are registered under these laws. Gambling operators must follow the legal age for casinos. The legal age to play is 18 in most cases. But sometimes this age can be three years older – 21. Players, under the age of 18, cannot play at an online casino. If your age is lower than the established limit, then it is illegal. 

Casinos can take various methods that discourage underage people. Administrators try to cut the chance of minors entering the game in different ways. But it is very difficult to find out the true age of a person on the Internet.

A huge number of sites provide the opportunity to play without money transactions. But casinos still impose age restrictions. The game is a "simplified" version of the casino with winnings at the free online casinos. The free game has its advantages, too. It is a search for potential players in the future for casinos. As for users, it is an experience and entertainment.

The access to play in the online casino is open only to adults. Trying to pass you off as an adult and playing under a false name is not well. The player takes responsibility and risks to lose real money.

How the System Recognizes Your Age

There are several methods for determining the age of a registered person. The most common method is to request to provide a scanned copy of the documents. There is another way to prevent uncontrolled registration of minors. The player does not receive their winnings without presenting documents. There are many ways. Thus, it is impossible to circumvent this rule.

No one will deny that there are also less responsible online casinos. They ignore the rule. But it is a violation. Violation entails serious penalties and criminal prosecution. You need to read and understand all the conditions carefully. The player should read them before registering. All casinos must have an age restriction clause on their website. If a minor player has registered on the site, then the casino has the right to refuse to cash out (what to do if the online casinos refuse to pay money).

For example, a minor player won a large jackpot. The casino will request this player's documents before requesting a withdrawal. Gambling commission of age verification will check them out. Documents must follow the rules. A player who has not reached the age of the majority will not receive any money. The situation is sad, isn’t it? Casinos with a good reputation follow the rules very strictly.

Legal Age by Country

Every country in Europe has its casino age requirements. Usually, this age allows gambling, voting, and alcohol consumption. We have listed some European countries and indicated the age limit:

  • Belgium

Gambling was legalized in Belgium in 2011. Residents of Belgium can play at online casinos. But there are some limitations. If you are not 21, you won’t be allowed to play the online casino. It also applies to land-based casinos.

  • France

The Lottery and Gambling act prohibits checks from gambling. The age of the majority in France is 21. But more recently, the definition was reduced to 18 years. The Parliament lowered the age limit for visiting casinos from 21 to 18.

  • Germany

The Parliament passed laws in 1933 and 1938. The laws prohibited anyone under the age of 21 from gambling. These age restrictions existed until 1980. Now the authorities of the German lands issue their laws. There is a tendency to reduce the age limit for visiting casinos to 18 years.

  • Britain

In some provinces, the casino’s age is 18. But in others, the player must be 19 years old. Somewhere, only lotteries are allowed. But somewhere there are casinos, betting and horse racing. It all depends on the location.

  • Greece

There is an unusual age limit. Persons who wish to take part in gambling must be at least 23 years old.

  • Latvia, Lithuania

Until recently, it was possible to enter gaming establishments for persons over the age of 18. But amendments were made. The age limit for casino users is 21 years. Currently, attempts are being made to lower this threshold to 18 years.

  • Spain

People under the age of 18 are not allowed to take part in gambling. It is also forbidden to visit casinos, slot machines, and others.

The Influence on Minors

Psychologists recognize that the craving for gambling entertainment is a psychological disease. Its power and impact on a person can be equated to drug addiction. Minors are at high risk. They have little life experience and low emotional intelligence.

Many people feel the need for vivid experiences. Someone is satisfied with hobbies. But someone is using drugs or gambling. That is, the main cause of ludomania is dissatisfaction with life. The young people do not understand their true desires very well. Thus, they are influenced by a substitute for happiness. 

The root of all these troubles may be associated with an inferiority complex. It is common among minors. A small first win allows a player with such a problem to feel the best. He experiences what is missing in real life. Also, minors often exaggerate everything. Any difficult situation seems incorrigible. But gambling addiction can ruin a person's psyche. That's why there is casino gambling age. 

Only adults can take responsibility for their psychological state. Minors do not know how to cope with difficulties as well.

The Principles of Responsible Gaming

Gambling is always associated with certain risks. Not being able to stop in time, many people lose a lot of money. Close people, health, and financial situation of the player suffer from this. The players must understand all responsibility. They should stick to the principles of responsible play. This protects the player from mistakes and disappointments. Here are the 3 main principles of responsible play.

  • Choose a Reliable Casino

First of all, decide on the casino where you will play. The guarantee of reliability is an impeccable reputation and a good gaming policy. A good casino has a lot of requirements for the client. The main rule is the age of majority. Only illegal casinos allow minors to play!

  • Play Only for Your Money

The players should start from their financial capabilities. You only need to play for your money. We do not recommend taking out loans, borrow money, etc. It will be more difficult for you to pay your debts. Remember that gambling is not a way to earn money! Luck can't always haunt you. You need to be very careful. You should be prepared to lose.

  • Control Your Loss

Responsible play means setting up a bankroll. It is the total amount of money the player has allocated for the game. The players should decide how much they are willing to sacrifice. Set a certain loss limit for yourself. But never exceed it. We tell you to resist the temptation.

These principles are difficult for minors to follow. They usually don't have a lot of money. It means that they will not be able to track and pay the loss. Minors do not have a well-established psyche. Thus, it will be difficult for them to take on such a responsibility.

Why You Shouldn't Break the Rules

If you are not afraid of mental illness and loss of money, we will tell you about legislative measures. You will learn why you should observe the age limit in online casinos.

Every casino has its rules and requirements for visitors. You can find them in the user agreement. We recommend you read it carefully. It will help you to avoid problems with the casino administration in the future. If any rule is broken out of ignorance, the penalty will still follow.

The consequences of non-compliance with the casino rules can be disastrous. It will be so not only for undisciplined users. It is not uncommon for the administrations of a gambling establishment. They detect systematic violations of the rules of the country. The casino tightened the playing conditions for all representatives of this region. Moreover, some casinos refuse to register them at all. Unfortunately, honest players suffer. But they did not do anything illegal.

It is better not to break casino rules and laws. You can't even prove that you did it unconsciously. Thus, carefully study the requirements.


To sum it up, we should say that the society created the age limit for a reason. It protects young people from reckless actions. It should be understood that some actions need the full legal capacity of the person. He must understand all the risks. Thus, the age limit is an extra security measure for a minor. It protects the public and state interests.

No wonder, the censorship is too impersonal. Reaching the age of 18 does not guarantee the full formation of a person. This limitation does not mean a person's ability to take responsibility. In modern countries, the age classification of gambling is accepted and widely used. By international standards, minors must be protected from any information. Information that can cause psychological and moral harm.

Take care. We do not recommend breaking the age restrictions of gambling clubs. It is necessary for your safety. If you still have questions about this topic, read the next section. Good luck!


? What is the basis of the universal ban on gambling for minors?
The age for gambling entertainment is determined by law. Depending on the government Agency, this age is mostly eighteen years old. But in some casinos, it's twenty-one years. You shouldn’t break these rules of the online casino. Such behaviour will lead to problems with the law. Online casinos control the age of their users in different ways. Also, operators restrict access for underage players in different ways.
? What is the youngest age limit for casinos in the world?
As we have already mentioned, the age of majority is 18 or 21. But there are exceptions. For example, in the UK, people aged 16 can play some games of chance. There are the national lottery, scratch-off ticket games, and football sweepstakes. Another exception is Afghanistan. The law prohibits any type of land-based gambling. But residents of any age can play online casinos.
? Why do casino operators reject underage players? The casino will profit from them.
Nobody will deny that allowing minors to play at the casino would bring in more revenue. But such actions are considered illegal. Casino operators will not risk their reputation.

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