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Mystery Slot Machines

Introduction of Slot

Just like in all ramifications of human endeavours, a mystery behind everything and all things remain a secret. It depends on the angles from which you are looking at the subject matter; be it science, art, medicine, law, management, security, technology, IT, etc. They all have unique attributes associated with them and the hidden and open logical reasoning that backed them up; Casino Games are no exception. Mystery slot machines are just like every other game in the casino, and they are money-spinning inventions that require some level of discipline, professionalism and contraption to hit a target.

Slot Machines

A slot is a gambling machine usually in a casino with three or more reels which when spinning rolls to determine a win or a loss of a game session. The slot machine can detect or determine the authenticity of the money. Players are paid based on the symbols, usually fruits that show on the screen of the machine when it stops. It is the most common Casino Game. The word "Slot" is a derivate of putting money into the machine before a game session and retrieval when there is a win. The common fruits on the slot machine are banana, lemons, cherries, etc.

Brief Insight into the Background of Slot Machines

The history had that Sittman and Pitt started the Slot Machine in the USA in the year 1891. It began in the form of some drums holding 50 cards where a player would pull a lever to spin for a win after insertion of a Nickel. There were no direct pay-outs. Instead, a pair of kings might get some drink, while other pieces of a card might reward with cigarettes. The spinning was done in a bar to win a cigar or a beer or what the organisers decide it.  However, the organisers could swindle the unsuspecting players.

The drums were later replaced with a device with the spinning mechanism that has three reels of different five symbols; horse-shoe, diamond, spade, heart and a bell. The device was called a liberty bell; it replaced five drums of 50 cards, with the five symbols of three reels. The difficulty and fraud in determining a win were minimal. There were other inventions as time has gone by, but our focus is not that. Apart from Casinos, the slot machines are found in bars and shopping malls to dispense drinks, cigarettes and other dispensable. The latest invention is the Slot it varies in capacity and capability to provide different games and winnings.

Basic Slot Descriptions

Slot Games could be played with coins, cash or a coded predefined ticket configured to be inserted into the machine. The machine is then spinning by a lever, a button, or the screen if the screen-touch type machine. To the addicted players, they believe that there are strategies to the big winning to the big winning while to the fortnight players, it is more of luck than any skill; they think it is a game of a chance. The primary objective of playing the game is to win, which could only happen when matching symbols stop and show on the screen, the machine automatically propelled to dispense the payouts. The symbols are uniquely and aesthetically designed with bright colours that can be easily recognised. Recently, many online casinos allow for free spinning to win the patronage of players.

Terms Associated with Slot Games

  • Terms
    EGM: this is an acronym for Electronic game Machine.
  • Coin Hopper: this a place where coins are kept in a slot machine or a place where coins are dispensing from whenever there is a win. When the hopper is full, it automatically directs the excess coins into a place called Dropbox.
  • Bonus: bonus could be free playing session regarding payouts when specific machine symbols appear on the screen. During a playing session, 3+ scatters could trigger the bonus—potential of winning vary from games to games (depending on slot's volatility).
  • Candle: these are flashes on the machine which prompt the operators that assistance is required, may be a problem with the machine, hand payouts or a player needs some clarifications.
  • Carousel: these are the numbers of slot machines arranged in a particular form in a casino.
  • Dropbox: a place where excess coins are directed automatically to the slot machine, also known as Drop Bucket.
  • Credit Meter: This readable LED which indicates the amount of credit on the machine. It serves as a guide for the players. It comes in different design and graphics.
  • Hand Pay: this usually happens when a Jackpot it is won, and the amount in the coin hopper is not enough for the payouts, then the operator or an attendant would make a hand-pay.
  • Free Spin: it is common in video games and online casinos. It is more of bait or an advertisement to lure a prospective player into playing a game. Most times, free spins are played to qualify for real payout games.
  • Hopper Fill Slip: this is a form filled and signed by an operator or an attendant to keep track of the coins in the Hopper and the Payouts for proper Accounting System.
  • Meal Book/Log: this is a logbook where an attendant record on his entries for accounting purposes.
  • Slant Top: this a slot machine designed in such a way that the player will have sit-down access.
  • Upright machine: slot games played while standing uprightly.
  • Optimal Play: this is very common in a skilled-slot, not the luck-based ones. It is a situation whereby a gambler gets a particular payback percentage using the optimal technique.
  • Pay-Line: these are lines drawn across the symbols on the reels to determine a payment combination. It could be vertical, horizontal, triangular or any other shapes.
  • Roll-Up: this is a kind of a sound being played while the meter is counting the winnings.
  • Short Pay: this is a situation whereby the slot machine underpays a player due to low coins in the machine. Either the player can be paid by hand, or the machine is refilled to complete the payment.
  • Scatter Symbol: in a scatter symbols slot machine, it is required that a player places at least two of the same symbols on the pay-line to secure a winning. It differs from one to another.
  • Slot variance: this has to do with the risks involved in a game, which is also known as volatility. The high variance games have big wins, while low risks usually have small wins.
  • Taste: this a bait or small amount given to a player to get him seated at the machine.

The mystery of Slot Games

The secret behind winnings and losses in every session of the game varies, a player may decide to play low variance slots and spend more time with a low payout or nothing at the end of a long and stressful session. He may choose to play a high variance game and win big or hit the jackpot within a very short session. It is a mystery! There may be a downturn in the event whereby you spend a lot of money on high-risk games with a long session play without a win.

The mystery of low volatile games is that you play a long session and still have some coins to go home. It is an assured token mystery. The probability of the winning or losing is also a mystery because every slot game player always has an intention of the winning. However, even when the otherwise happens, they still find the strength within to play another session and again appear the next time in the casino. To some school of thought, it is an addiction while to the players; it is a mystery of being persistently consistent to hit a big win or jackpot.

General Mystery of Slots

Apart from the volatility involved in big wins, it required more than luck, instead perseverance and persistent. Jackpots are not easy come by, though they sometimes surface within a short period. The volatility or variance of a game determines its prize. At some sessions jackpot could hit is randomly determined on a selected even distribution between the minimum value and maximum winnable jackpot.

There is always the Meter Rise in High variance Games that is the minimum percentage of money to bet with to help in determining what the jackpot would be. Whenever the meter crosses the predetermined winning point, such a player is regarded as winning a jackpot. Most jackpots are hand-pay because the prize money is exceeded usually what the machine can pay or be stored at once in a machine box. Jackpot games are meant for high risk-taking players who have enough time and money to play with.

The Mystery Night Game

The Mystery Night Game involved you being a detective to uncover inklings of crimes or criminalities that might have taken place in a certain night. The mysteries to unearth might be any of these, but not limited to them; raping, money-laundering, drugs peddling, murder or mayhem. As you probe further into the crimes committed to unravelling the mysteries behind them, you will need to scale some difficult hurdles posed to hinder you. The hindrances might come in the form of Wilds, Well-Arranged Ciphers and any other impediments, but not without Clue Bonus Round to aid you as you are prowling like a lion. You will also need to expose more hidden secret riches available in the Free Spins bonus. This High Volatile Slot Game has five reels with 40 pay lines. It is playedusually on different platforms and devices, Computers, Laptops, Windows Phones, even on a Mac Computers.

Revealing Mystery of the Night

This game will make you reason like a detective. You are duty-bound to put on a thinking cap to unearth the misdeeds. For instance, last night, some guys had committed some crimes in the neighbourhood, some clues are pointing at chaos and murder that are locked in an unfathomable secret which seems to be a mystery. Looking at the back of the reels, you will be notified by some blinking lights to indicate the scene of the crime. There will be many clues and with a limited given to unravelling the mystery, now is the time you think wild and fast to reveal the secret and beat the time in an adjustable 40 lines slot game.

As an Officer in charge of the case, you need to discover which of the given suspects, which are usually four suspects. All of the suspects would seem guilty given the nature of a lifestyle they have. If you successfully uncover the crime, identify the guilty ones and recover the stolen items, then you will be handsomely rewarded. Since this game depends on getting clues from the crime scenes, you are duty-bound to encounter a lot of signs and the four similar-looking suspects. That is an exciting game which makes any player stayed glued to the screen, thinking fast to unravel a crime and as well taken into consideration the time involved. That is known as Money-Making Adventure.

The Nature of Mystery of the Night

The Mystery Night game has a Wild Logo. It is it not seen when playing the Free Games Session, instead any other signs will be available, especially the crime's scenes likely ordinary objects like a wristwatch, socks, rings, perfume, lipstick, shoes, short guns, knives, blood-stained handkerchief, etc. It only shows when playing on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5.

The Clue Bonus Session

The clue Bonus Session happens when you encounter difficulties, and the slot machine is coming to your aid. Contrary to the popular opinions or beliefs that when you land three unique symbols in any position on the reels it will automatically activate the Free Spins bonus and you will be rewarded with an original nine free spins.

The reality is that the Free Games Signs will only show on reels 2, 3, and 4. To unlock more free games and enter the clue bonus session, you will need a pair of clues correctly while playing the free mode. Most online slot games have a free mode to win your patronage, and it is a form of the marketing strategy. You need to pair your clues correctly to receive the symbols that launch you to wild to free spinning for the remainder of the game. You might also receive additional free spins each time you pair similar clues.

Learning the Clues of the Mystery Night

People enjoy unravelling a good mystery behind an incidence that is why some people ask questions, sniff for information or do research. Every good scriptwriter will structure a story to make a reader stay glued to the book or a TV set in the case of a screenplay while exploring the story to find out what happened, how it happened and who did what. Over the years, many playwrights had written many stories that revealed some mysteries of crimes and criminalities committed, which are the reflections of society.

Talking about the present days, many screenplays and games have evolved unearthing mysteries just like old versions. Even many betting software is developed to make you have fun while betting. The idea behind Mystery Games is to erase boredom in casinos, even when losing there is something to look forward to regarding the mystery. Also, if you are not winning any of your games, you are gathering enough experience to be a better player and a detective of your home and neighbourhood.

The Mystery Night is a slot game that focuses on the underworld and its criminal tendencies and intelligence gathering by an astute detective who is searching for information to reveal a big mystery. The symbols available as clues in the game are a detective, a drink-toting hussy, a dynamite-planting raven-haired beauty, a knife-wielding brown-haired woman, and a whip-carrying redhead. It also has well-arranged symbols, stacked wilds, and scattered symbols. If you are the type that enjoys adventures, you will find Mystery Night interesting, especially if you love playing slots with stacked symbols.

China Mystery Slot Machine

China Mystery Slot
China Mystery is exciting and captivating, just like any other popular slot machines in any casino. This slot machine was designed and manufactured by Konami Gaming Company, and it is of different models. Rarely is there any casino without having the China Mystery in the special cabinets made for the slot machines.  Most of the famous casinos installed China Mystery because it is the delight of many players. It is a very famous online game on social media like Facebook and mobile app websites. In China Mystery Games, the pay lines are of different denomination and designs; it all depends on the particular machine you choose to play. The configuration could be 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 lines models of the machine.

The denominations of China Mystery start from $0.01 to $1 per credit. The Penny slot machine models are commonly found on the casino floor while the quarter and dollar denominations are usually available in high limit rooms. Some casinos have a nickel version if you visit the sophisticated one. China Mystery is somewhat seen as an unusual game these days because the configurations do not have the ringing bells and the loud whistles that are common some newly made slot games. Despite the absence of shining lights and ringing bells, people still have fun playing them because it is very and easy to operate.  It is a unique video game machine and enjoyable, just like other popular machines.

Bonus in China Mystery

China Mystery Slot Machine rarely gives the bonus, but you can still earn a bonus when you spin and have a minimum of three bonus symbols per line. That is the only way to win the free game. The volatility of the game is high, and its turnouts are usually fantastic, that is why many people still prefer playing it. Though the bonuses might seem rare, they come in drove when you the right symbols, you can have as much as 25 bonuses, even more.

The experts in this game call it an awesome slot game. Those who are familiar with this slot game always enjoy the memory of playing it. It always offers every player an opportunity to win a jackpot. It has a high variance its bonuses allow for a jackpot winning. It is important to state that not all the models of China mystery slot machines are of high variance. The volatility of some versions gives successive bonuses, but they are very low. The progressive jackpots are not very common on all machines, and it is not all the casinos can it is found it depends on the players who visit the casino and what they are familiar with it.

Jackpots in China Mystery

There is always every opportunity to win a jackpot in a mystery game. There are a bonus and free games that can even offer you this opportunity. China Mystery jackpots come as big wins in the main game or the free bonus that games could be played as if it were the real game. The reels in many other slot machines usually have randomly symbols which generally appear on each reel when spinning, but that is not always the case with China Mystery.

Reels have stripes of symbols appearing together which make it usually look as if a jackpot is right around the corner. Jackpots are not easily come by when playing penny slot machines, but when they arrive, it is usually a big win. There would always be the opportunities to win jackpots, especially when you can gather enough free games to cover many wins.  It is a big sign that the jackpot is around the corner. Just be persistent and use free games well. The moment all the features are surfacing calm your nerves and be focused. It will amaze you that within the shortest period the jackpot will come a lightening.

Professional Gamblers Mysterious Gambling Secrets

  • Discipline and Dedication: every discipline, profession, game, sport, etc. requires some knowledge, skills and techniques that are known to the practitioners as secret. Gambling and slot games are no exception. There are various known and unknown, common and uncommon tricks and mysteries to winning jackpots.

There are some easy but might seem complex secrets which can turn to a successful gambler. It took some players some years of dedication and hard work to arrive at these secrets. Though people believe, gambling is all about luck, I tell you, winning Big is more than luck. It requires persistent and consistent playing without wavering between becoming a successful gambler. Sometimes you might not be a professional gambler and not even understand the basics of the gambling, but you are always around the professional listening to them and play consistently. You might not even know how to play by the book or apply any of the complex methods many professional players believe in. Your personally developed skills acquired from listening and watching the professionals with consistent playing and a good plan will land you a jackpot.

Casinos are always full of people daily who are hopeful of becoming a jackpot winner, of being a professional and become a celebrity. It is not only about just sitting at slot machines for many sessions and jump from one casino to another. It is about watching other successful gamblers and listening to them while talking to acquire some techniques. Also, you need to work on your psyche to be calm and focus even when losing. It is not all about a log into online games to win some quick money and think you have arrived. It is more of consistent playing even while not making enough money. You learn on the job and end up hitting it big to earn celebrity status.

It is incredible that some guys had been on the slot machines for many years yet to hit any meaningful win, it is all about doing it right and consistency. There are specific characteristics of successful gamblers that ordinary gamblers are however, to imbibe, it doesn't come overnight, and you work towards it. Putting it straight to you that there are no written secrets or known principles of a handling slot machines that make the successful professionals winners. Still, in reality, they win jackpots because they have some positive in-built attitudes and sacred principles which they follow. Many rookie gamblers don't know that there are ways of investing big, and to win big, it is all about risk-taking and studying the volatility of the game with some variance involved to enhance your chances to win a jackpot. It might be less fun and look boring due to its unpredictability, but it is one of the principles guiding the professionals, even if do not win a jackpot, this principle will make you win something in every session you play and also imbibing the cultural principles of the professionals. Real money at casinos is possible, and it is not something beyond as a player. It is all about being focused and concentrate on each session of your game. Slot games are machines with the time you will perfect the acts of controlling it in your favour.

  • Card Counting: everything you have been told on card counting, might not be the truth, especially what you read in fictitious books or the screenplay you watched. Some of them are hearsay and do not come from professional gamblers. It is a fathom from a fictitious mind. You do not need to be a professor of Mathematics and Statistics to keep track of the cards and count correctly, all you need is concentration attention, people who count cards are an ordinary human being like you.

Card counting is not as difficult as people say; it only requires doing the right thing and watching to track the right cards. It is a lot easier than what you are made to believe in the casinos, especially by unsuccessful gamblers who are impatience each time they do card counting. Casinos and the unprofessional card players might scare you to hell and make you believe that the hardest thing on earth is card counting. That shy you need to make up your and ready to face the challenges, those who discourage you now will come around to celebrate you when you win a jackpot. It is not all about how long you have been in the casino or playing the games. It has to do with your dedication and concentration. It also has to do with your ability to invest and take a high risk, because blackjack has the best odds and a high variance which can make hit the jackpot sooner than you expected.

Murder Mystery Game

Munder Mystery Slot
The Mystery slot game is about murder detection, when a murder is committed, who did it, where and with what? Ability to answer these questions and the parties to the killing is the main features of the fun; and the fundamental experience that is in playing Murder Mystery. It is not a complicated game to play, and you do need to expose or unearth any mystery make your bet, spin the reels and catch the fun of playing this fantastic game.

Features of Murder Mystery Game

The essential feature of the murder mystery slot is the bonus and free games. You receive random prizes for a well while spinning the reels and combining the symbols well with wild which also common in the other slot games. You can spin and have multiple of spins or free single free spins or occasionally free spins that come from stacked wilds. The presentation is the strong point of this game; its graphics, effects and music are so fantastic to keep you glued to the game. The spinning of the reels is also the coolest with an awesome theme. The symbols available on the murder slot machine are potential perpetrators and the weapons used in carrying out the criminality.

The Structures of Murder Mystery Slot Machine

You do not have to solve the murder mystery to play this game; all you need to do is to stake your bet, ensure you enjoy your game and win big. It is worthy of mentioning that slot machines are one of the most popular casino games in this modern time. Professional Gamblers are always on the prowl to take a big leap to win a jackpot, and they make a chance to play at a high variance game. Slot machines have evolved over the years, even with inclusion online slot games in live video. Players get free games through which they are familiar with how the online slots work. People play online to catch fun since they do not need to gamble with real money. They use it to widen their horizon in slot games. Even casinos have some fake coins use in playing free games, the coins have no monetary value, and they are designed to take bets on the slot. These coins can be used to play free games as long as you want. When you lose the entire coins, there is always the opportunity to begin again.

Many professional gamblers start from free slots, and this gives ample opportunity to a beginner to get familiar with the pros and cons of slot machines and the fundamentals. It is a wise decision for starters not risk their money, all they need do is to get a lot of listening, reading and play enough free games; by feeling how a particular slot machine works, the volatility rate, the frequency of the bonuses, payouts, and more so, ability to acquire skills, patience and perseverance to play high volatility games. Even experienced gamblers play free slots as a way passing time when depressed or not ready to play the real game or shortage of cash to play. Free slots are dummy side of slot machines the players will neither lose nor win any money. Any gambler who wants a jackpot will invest real money, and this is happening big in online slot games as well.

Superstitions and Gambling

A larger percentage of gamblers, especially the non-professional, is seen to believe more in luck and superstitions than the skills and risk-taking in high volatility games. They usually grow a belief over the sessions of games or years after doing something that gave them big wins, and it happened more than once, they tend to believe in that method or the incidence. All the gut-feeling, luck and doing certain things before, during and after games belongs to the realm of superstitions. It is factual to state that superstitions are things of the mind, and it has nothing to do with losing or winning in gambling. If the superstitions were real, why not looking for the perfect condition you believe in and win jackpots on a daily basis.

Perseverance and Focus

Going forward from the hallucination of superstition in gambling, the most things are Perseverance and Focus; even when losing and stake are very high invariance games. Just persevere and be the focus without being unnecessary nervous and angry. Anger and bitterness will rob you of your attention and leave you with worries and despair at the end of the day. Be detailed and concentrate on your game, it will be most unfortunate to lose focus in a session whereby things are not going your way. It will be even being the stupid losing focus while winning because all your winnings can vanish again if care is not taken. 

Be Ahead of Your Emotions

Forget the issues with family, friends and loved ones. You don't need to bother yourself with any anxiety. Those issues that bother on money will be sorted when you win big. You cannot afford to give yourself a double dose of bitterness and sorrow because of a previous action or inaction. It is either you let your worries go, or you let the gambling go until you can give your full attention to the game.

Be Professional at Your Games

Main Game
One of the hidden secrets in Casinos is the ability of the successful gambler to see gambling as a sport, and they come prepared, forget their worries and sorrows, the never-say-die spirit in them to play from one session to another. No Professional gambler will allow his difficult moment, or any other extraneous issue bothers him while at machine or table. They do one thing at a time.

They will never allow their emotions to prevail over their sanity. They rarely appeal to sentiments and additional diversionary attractions. You will surely win some and lose some, and none of these should affect your reasoning. No mood swings are focus and 100% concentration! If you allow any mood swing, there is a tendency for you to make bad decisions, and this could ruin a good session or day for you. Keep your state of mind intact and start again if you are experiencing a bad session. It is never a bad omen, stop being superstitious! It is standard in all slot games or gambling.

Coping with Moments

Most of the successful gamblers had perfected the artistry of perseverance and ability to deal in all situations at the gambling table or machine. They are professional enough to know that all sessions or days cannot be rosy. Losing and winning are the fundamentals of the gambling, they know this, and hence they are not bothered even they have bad runs of the game. They had grown their mental strength to adapt to any situation; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Building Your Bankroll

Professional gamblers build their bankroll whenever they win. They use their brain and heart, not their emotions. They invest in essential things. They plan time and have a budget for each playing session. They have control over their greed. They don't spend more than their budget at the casino. Naive gamblers spend more than they earn at the casino. After buying the necessary groceries, pay the due bills or rents and save; they come to the casino with the rest.

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