How to win at 2 Commissario slot

How to win at the 2 Commissario video slotHave you ever dreamt of being a detective like Sherlock Holmes? So right now, you have a chance to come true your dreams. The theme of this slot is connected with entertaining investigations. The success of a crime investigation depends on the correct tactics, which you chose. Of course, we will not teach you how to chase criminals, but tell you how to win at 2 Commissario slot the maximum number of prize coins. Our experts have prepared excellent material so that you can learn all the strategies of the game.

Testers checked all methods so that everyone can get great winnings. Do not waste time looking for your tactics of the game, better read our article. As a result, you can get a positive outcome of the game and earn more. Do not waste time and start to study profitable strategies.

Personal testers opinion

Each player can get more prize coins if he chooses the right bet. It is a real chance to check your intuition. I recommend you use a small stake - up to 30 coins per spin. If you put a maximum, you will get ready for spending. So, it is better to choose a bet that is 1000 times smaller than a bankroll. This tactic will avoid large losses and help to spend the maximum amount of time for the game.

Also, you must remember that you need to wait for the launch of free games. You can break a big jackpot. Each player can affect the frequency activation of the free spin. Adhere to the strategy described in the article “How to win in the gaming machine 2 Commissario” and will be able to catch free rounds. In the standard game, the odds should be kept in mind about the restrictions and not risking big rewards. In this round, it all depends on you, so think carefully about whether to leave a win for the bet or risk it. I can call this slot machine so profitable, in my opinion, so you can safely run its drums and listen to all the tips, and the result will surprise you. You can feel like a real detective!

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

The secrets

  • A bet on the spin. It is better to bet on up to 30 coins. If you want to play at the most significant stakes, then on the account should be more than 50 000 coins. Do not get involved in big stakes. Periodically reduce them, and then raise them. Playing at a single bet does not increase the chances of winning.
  • Free backs. Whenever you start the slot machine, you need to remember about free spins. These are the ones you should run. It is necessary to make about 30-40 spins at a low rate, and after increasing it to the maximum possible. The slot must run free spins. Immediately after they are completed, you lower the bet again. But, if you get a big prize, it will be better to lower your bet or stop playing at all.
  • Bonus game. The prize round is activated immediately after the free spin. You cannot influence it, so there may not be any strategies in this slot. Behind any portrait can hide a large multiplier. Trust your intuition, and it should not let you down.
  • Playing at risk. Begin the round for doubling when you get a small win. Do not bet on big rewards and risk more than twice in a row. Keep the rewards for bets and be able to earn impressive prizes. What colour of the card to choose – it is up to you. But do not rely on your logic, in this slot it does not help. Even though, there are hints from the slot machine.
  • Limits. Every time you start a game session, you need to set limits for the bankroll. For example, do not continue to play when more than 1/3 of the game account is lost. Also, you should pause for a large prize. If you neglect the restrictions, you can lose your money and even lose your bankroll.
  • Time to play. You must make the maximum number of spins in one game session. It is recommended to make at least 200 bets. But we must not forget about the limits. If you reached them early, you would pause.
  • After reading the secrets of the slot machine, you can test all these strategies in practice and make sure that they work. This game will inspire you, and we do not exaggerate.

Important to remember!

  • Rates of up to 30 coins are considered the most profitable.
  • Do not put a maximum on your back when you are not sure about your bankroll.
  • There must always be an amount on the account that exceeds the size of the current bet by 1000 times.
  • Change the bet to start free spins.
  • Play more and get the most awards.
  • Affect the prize-winning game - it is impossible.
  • In the game of chance, do not forget the strategy and do not take much risk.
  • All limits for the game account must be considered.
  • During one game session, more than 200 free spins should be performed.

Where to play

  • Software from the Greentube Company (Novomatic) is presented in a large assortment of Energy casino.
  • Casumo Casino offers to replenish the game account with more than 10 proven methods.

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