How to win at Dutch Fortune

How to win at the Dutch Fortune video slotThe Irish luck symbols increase the chances of winning, but you need to know a few secrets to get them. About them, we will tell you in this article. From it, you will learn how to win at Dutch Fortune slot. All the simplest and most profitable methods are described below, so you no longer need to develop strategies on your own.

It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel, everything has already been thought up and thought out. Be sure to study this material to get even more prize coins. Our experts checked all the methods and left a few recommendations so that you can start a lucrative game faster. Be sure to study these tips and avoid significant losses.

Personal testers opinion

Any gambler believes in luck. You need to apply a little effort to attract it. I will give you some tips on how to win in this slot machine. You have to tune in to the long gameplay because the slot brings big winnings not often. Remember, you need to use rates that are in 1,000 times smaller than a bankroll. And do not take too much risk and put the maximum. After all, the game has only five prize lines and three reels. These slots do not always tend to give out big prizes.

So be patient and make over 300 spins in one game session. Only patience will help you achieve success and break the huge jackpot. Read and get to know everything about our slot to do it. Together luck, your power, patience and knowledge will give you the growth. Please note that all payments are doubled in the free games mode. So even if you run them when playing at low rates, you can still get decent rewards. By the way, immediately after the completion of free games, it is better to reduce the rate by 20-30 spins. After that, you can increase it again and get good rewards. But here to hunt for big prizes in the main game is not worth it, they rarely fall out. But to increase the small rewards is worth, launching the game on the odds. We also revealed to you all the secrets of the Dutch Fortune slot machine, which are below.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)


  • A bet on the spin. The optimal bet on the spin is always 1000 times less than the amount on the game account. Given that the game has a fairly large range of stakes, but only five prize lines, it is better to play at medium-sized stakes. Do not put a maximum, even when the bankroll allows it.
  • Free backs. Use one bet and then the probability of activating free spin will increase. Affect the outcome of the bonus games you cannot during their action. But the payments depend on you. The more you bet, the bigger the rewards are in the bonus backs. It is important to make the maximum number of spins of drums in one game session to run free rounds more than twice. But remember that after they are completed, you should decrease your bid not to spend your prize.
  • Doubling of wins in the main game. If you make more than 100 free spins at the same rate, you will necessarily catch the bonus in the form of multiplying the win by filling the playing field with the same symbols. All depends only on luck, so the size of the bet cannot affect the frequency of such combinations. We hope you have the great luck that`s why you need to use it immediately. In any case, you will be able to collect the maximum number of prize coins if the gameplay is long.
  • Playing the odds. You will not get carried away by playing at risk if you received a big prize. Better double the small payouts, which are equal to 2-3 final rates. Also, one should not get carried away and try to increase the winnings more than twice in a row. This can lead to failure. How to win at Dutch Fortune slot more prize coins in the game for the odds, is not known. But here is the intuition in this round, you need to come in handy.

Important to remember!

  • Rates of up to 25 coins per spin are optimal.
  • Do not play at the highest stakes when there are too few coins on the gaming account.
  • Choose a bet that is 1000 times smaller than the bankroll.
  • In the main game, there is a special bonus, which will allow breaking the big jackpot.
  • Activate the free backs several times in a row and leave the game as the winner.
  • Consider all limits and avoid high costs.
  • In the game of risk, do not bet large amounts.
  • Control your bankroll and become the owner of the maximum number of prize coins.
  • Limitations and time for the game. You have to spend a lot of time playing the game. The main thing is to avoid big expenses. Namely, you cannot lose more than 1/3 of the game account. When this limit is reached, pause. And it is worth finishing the game when you received a big prize.

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