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How to beat an Australian online casino?

How to beat an Australian casino?
The mathematical expectation is always for online casinos. The gambling business, like any other, should be profitable. But if no one wins in the casino, so nobody would play there. Can you beat an online casino? In this article, we will write a list of all possible ways of taking the casino's advantage on the punter's side.

Guaranteed winning

The casino always wins - you have to accept this. The percentage of pay-out in trusted Australian online casinos varies in the range of 95-99.5%, depending on the type of game (pokies, table, live, etc.). There is no guaranteed strategy to win at the casino. People who are saying the opposite, are liars and scammers. But maybe there are exceptions.

How to beat the online casino?

If you use bonuses and complete the wagering requirements in pokies with the high RTP (return to player percentage), then you can increase your profit and at the same time not violating the rules. In this case, the mathematical expectation of winning becomes positive for the punter. This builds our basic strategies of winning in an online casino. Not without reason a lot of players are involved in bonus hunting.

Bugs in pokies

Bugs in pokies from the right manufacturers happen very rarely, but still, no one is immune from them. It is not about significant software failures - in this case, the casino annuls all winnings. This term is in the rules of all online casinos. Sometimes a pokie can be sensitive to an exact bet per spin and give out a winning much more often. If suddenly you were lucky enough to find such a pokie - we recommend not being greedy, just playing without attracting much attention. It is better to cash-out the winning after the end of each session. More details we wrote about this in the article about the bugs, mistakes, and holes in the pokies.

Features of the software

Big win on pokie
Besides the exciting design and exciting game process, pokies have an important feature. The RNG (random numbers generator) works the same way in "the free mode" and in "for real money." (in some of the providers) This is the basis of our strategy for choosing generous pokies.

Recommendations and hints

Minimising the risks

How to beat the live dealer
We have collected all information that allows all punters to reduce risks and increase profitability.

  • The first thing, to begin with, is to make sure that the casino which you chose is trusted, reliable and steadily pays out winnings. We can recommend the best Australian online casinos.
  • Carefully study the terms and conditions, especially regarding bonuses and account verification. Go through the procedure for confirming your data before making the first deposit, (then, without doubt, you will get your winning).
  • If you are going to beat the casino in blackjack or roulette, then do not take any bonuses as wagering is counted as only 10% of the bets.
  • The amount of deposit is important. It is advisable for a player to have at least 100-200 the expected bets on the account.
  • Keep calm yourself, especially after a big loss. Do not deposit more than the decided amount, do not try to avenge. The gambling forums are filled with reviews of people who have destroyed their lives with gambling. My best advice to you is that you should know how to stop on time.
  • If you don't want that software to interfere with your game, we recommend, to play against a live dealer. In this case, nothing will prevent to apply any strategy (except the betting limit). The main thing to remember is that you cannot beat any casino in roulette at a long distance even the most obvious Martingale, because a mathematical advantage of 2.7% is on the casino's side.
  • You can try to count cards in Blackjack. Choose a casino where the dealer does not use shuffling machines (it means that the dealer physically mixes six decks). The experienced punters receive their positive mathematical expectation counting cards without any bets and bet in only when the deck is hot (+10 and higher).

Bad advice or what NOT to do

  • Recovering the loss. If you decide to play today for two hundred AUD, then play on them. It is better to finish the game with zero balance than to make additional deposits, lose and make the black day even darker. You should analyse your mistakes and wait for another day.
  • If you plan to high-roll, don't accept bonuses before that. If you make a large deposit of several thousand AUD, then a hundred bonus money will not increase the budget, but it will apply additional restrictions to your balance (wagering requirements, maximum bets etc.). Remember that the activation of any bonus offer carries the risk of getting a refusal to cash-out a large sum.
  • Some people advise that chasing jackpots is the way to beat the casino. Of course, when you see a (jackpot) with a prize of a multimillion, it is hard not to make some bets in and try the chance on the progressive jackpot.


Тhe only way to beat the online casino, without violating their terms: get a "positive mathematical expectation of winning" with bonuses. Remember, even the "positive mathematical expectation of winning" cannot protect you against loss in a row (in several sessions), because bad luck happens to everyone.

Where to play?

  • Fastpay with no-hassle withdraws is one of the best Australian online casinos on our list. They provide friendly live chat support (24/7). Also, their VIP bonus program is one of the best for long-term players.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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