How to win at King of the Pride

How to win at the King of the Pride video slotWould you like to immerse into the world of wild animals, to feel the wild emotions like the pride of tribe, to feel the real freedom? We hope so. That`s why our developers created such a cool slot – the King of Pride. This game is a great opportunity not only to break the jackpot but also to discover the wild world which in real life not everyone would like to observe. First, what you need for your success is to get acquainted with the rules and secrets of the game. The result of the successful completion of the game depends mostly on the player. To get more prize coins, you need to know about strategies. How to win at King of the Pride slot with their help, you will learn from this article.

Our experts have uncovered all the secrets of the game, and now everyone has a great chance - to break a big jackpot. Be sure to listen to all the recommendations. It will help you avoid losses and leave the game with significant rewards. Another should read the tip of the tester. The expert left important advice. So, pay your attention to them.

Personal testers opinion

King of the Pride is one of my favourite game. I love it so much because of many reasons. I like channel Discovery, mainly to observe the wildlife of animals. That`s why I chose exactly this slot. But I recommend you read the article and emphasis on secrets. Solving the mysteries of the King of the Pride slot is not difficult. First, this slot does not like frequent betting. It is not recommended to change the size of the bet for 50-100 spins. In this case, you should consider that your bankroll is enough for at least 300 spins. If you stick to this tactic, you can avoid significant costs.

You can also influence the frequency of activation of free spins with the help of a bet. Choose one stake from the range of 10-50 coins. And makeover it 100 spins of reels. Prize games will undoubtedly be launched, and repeatedly if you do not change the size of the bet. As for the round for doubling, then activate it every time you receive a prize that is less than the final stake. But do not get carried away. One advantage is better to increase no more than twice in a row. Pay particular attention to the limits. They allow you to maintain a positive bankroll balance and get decent rewards. So, I hope my feedback will be useful for you and you will begin to play immediately after reading the article.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)


  • The rate. On the back should be put in 1000 times less than you have on the game account. The optimal rates are those that do not exceed 50 coins per spin. You can bet more, but then the bankroll should be large. Spend the game for the maximum amount of time and do not change the bet. The more spins will be committed, the higher the rewards will be. Please note that using the lowest rates is not recommended.
  • Free games. How to win the free spin mode at King of the Pride slot? It is simple - do not change the bet for 100 or more spins. Prize games are activated necessarily and in many cases even two or more times. But after the bonus is over, pay attention to the size of the payout. If it turned out to be quite large, then it is worth pausing or reducing the bet. But when you get a small win, it is better to continue playing without changing the bet.
  • Playing the odds. The risk game should only be run if you have received a small prize, which is less than two final bets. These payouts are doubled no more than twice in one round of the game for odds. The risk is no longer recommended since the probability of successful completion is only 50%. Limit yourself, and then the prizes will be of decent size.
  • Limits. Your bankroll needs to be monitored. Remember that reducing the game account by one third speaks of the need to complete the game. Also, a pause is made when the gambler receives a prize that doubled the account balance. This tactic allows you to maintain a positive bankroll balance and helps to avoid losing.
  • Time to play. Spend the maximum amount of time behind this slot. Continuous play at a single rate positively affects the outcome of the entire game session. The more spins, the higher the chances. But the limits should be considered. Otherwise, you can lose everything that you earned.

Important to remember!

  • The bet on the spin should be of optimal size.
  • Spend more time playing.
  • Control the balance of the game account.
  • The bet should always be 1000 times less than the bankroll.
  • Do not change the bet and increase the chances of winning.
  • Try to activate free spins repeatedly.
  • Do not risk large payments in the round for doubling.
  • Increase your winnings no more than twice in a row.
  • Special characters will help to win even more.

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