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Wonky Wabbits pokie

At the end of February in 2014, Wonky Wabbits pokie was launched. Despite a bit of childish design, the game looks so attractive and simple. According to the plot, you are engaged in growing vegetables in your garden, which will be hunted by a rabid hungry rabbit. Your task is to try to make sure that the main character is full, and in turn, he will reward you generously for diligence. The RTP of the machine is 96.5%, and the maximum possible winning per single spin is 390 000 coins.

Personal testers opinion about Wonky Wabbits pokie

This pokie has huge potential and still very popular among the players (read about prize pools for winnings in pokies). If you are lucky enough to catch 4-5 wilds, you will hit big winning. As for technical characteristics: the frequency of hit (any winning) is 25%, and you have around 10% on getting the wild symbol in next spin (use this numbers to determine the mood of the pokie). My most significant winning during the tests was 55x, but I am sure that Wonky Wabbits can perform much more. The wagering rating is 4.09 from 10. Note, that if you have got the big winning - it is an excellent time to switch to another pokie.

Review and recommendations from the testing team

Wonky Wabbits pokie
In Wonky Wabbits pokie, the Netent company did not pay much attention to graphics and design, as well as to the gameplay. The pokie is simple and has no bonus or free spins features. Given its simplicity, there is no need to spend a long time to understand it. The pokie duplicates the triggered wild symbols in the best positions on the screen.

  • The pokie is bad at keeping balance due to the rare pay lines and their low winnings. At the same time, the pokie top line is highly-priced (including a line of 5 wild symbols). The player only needs to wait for the triggering of 3-4 wild symbols, and a big win is guaranteed.
  • Many wild symbols are not often triggered, but the whole charm here is that it usually happens from the first spins. This is the reason why Wonky Wabbits have so many fans.
  • Regarding the game with bonus money, I would not recommend the pokie for wagering. The minimum bet margin is from 150x total bets.
  • It is not recommended to make a large number of bets on this pokie; if Wonky Wabbits wants to give a big win, it usually does so during the first 100 spins. Similarly, expecting several big wins in a row is pointless; if the pokie has already triggered 4 wild symbols (8 in duplicates), you should leave this pokie.

Netent declares the following probabilities

  • The total percentage (RTP) is 96.5%.
  • The probability of getting any winning (hit) is 23%.
  • The probability of getting a wild symbol during the next spin is 9.9%.
  • The maximum winning is 390 000 coins.

Hidden parameters and settings of Wonky Wabbits pokie (data from testing)

Description of the pokie

  • By its structure, the machine is not much different from most other pokies. It has standard 5 reels, three series of symbols and 15 permanently active pay lines that cannot be adjusted. Since, while developing the pokie modern technologies were used, you can play it not only at home, sitting at the computer, but also on any mobile device.
  • The game offers us a wide range of bets. So, its minimum size is A$ 0.30, and the maximum amount is frozen at around A$ 150 for one spin. Thus, this pokie is available for a large category of players with different financial capabilities. Before spinning the reels into operation, it is necessary to set the number of coins (from 1 to 10) and set their value (from A$ 0.01 to A$ 0.50).
  • The first thing that surprised us was that we did not see any rabbits as symbols, despite the name of the game. Instead, a pleasant view of the farm will open before your eyes, on which all sorts of vegetables and card images are grown. The appearance of the main character becomes possible with the formation of the pay combination involving the Wild symbol.
  • In the usual spins, there are no-frills, and regarding the game process, only the built-in Wild Duplication feature deserves our special attention, which allows us to turn the next pictures into wild symbols. This is the main feature of the pokie, which will enable you to get serious payouts. Here are increased chances of success and because the pokie pays in two ways. The progressive jackpot is not played out, and there is no game for equal opportunities.
  • Crazy hungry rabbit can please you for the harvest grown for him with the maximum winning of 390,000 coins. At the same time, the declared theoretical percentage of the return in Wonky Wabbits is 96.5%.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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