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How to become a successful online casino affiliate 2021?

How to become a successful online casino affiliate?
Today I will give you some suggestions on how to become a successful casino affiliate. We have to do what we keep doing, but some changes in our lifestyle are more than welcome. As a result, by following these rules, you will earn enough money so that you can do whatever you want.

No alcohol

Don’t drink at all. A couple of beers reduces your brain activity by 20-30% for the next few days. When you’ve got a problem, you will want to get drunk, and as you will have problems most of the time — you won’t stop drinking. Getting drunk is the last thing you should consider. Stress is how the brain reacts to the environment. Forget about stress. You shouldn’t give a f**k at all, no matter what or who gets in your way. You may be f**ked up, but you shouldn’t take it too seriously. You better want to do the real sh*t, don’t waste your time on stress.

Social life

No alcohol
Forget about “friends” or sort them out. You’ve got no friends in this life. There are useful people. Keep the useful people around and be useful for yourself. Don’t whine, keep it on topic, don’t waste your and their time. Don’t talk about your personal life; they don’t give a f**k. Do not hesitate to ask, and you will definitely get some help. But it depends on how you ask a question:

You could ask: how to earn a million? And that’s not a good question, you better get out of there. You should ask about the promising directions: should I download social apps or YouTube?

People usually are happy to share the information they have got, and it’s about how they share it: boasting, giving friendly advice, supporting. Sometimes it’s better to ask and find out, than wasting your time in finding it out by yourself. There is still the risk to get wrong information that will just f**k you up. You should learn from the smartest ones, and don’t forget to teach some noobs. It isn’t easy to explain how it works, but that’s how you gain experience and become a professional.


Do socialise, make new friends. People tend to gossip, but don’t be a cunt, keep the secrets. Do not share private messages. Delete the skype trash, at least once every five years. If any trolls — delete them right away. Stop ROFL-ing! ROFL here, ROFL there — you wasted energy, spread out, dissipated, and there it is the end of the day. It’s not bad to share some jokes in the morning while drinking a cup of cocoa, but you shouldn’t waste a whole day on Skype. The same applies to streams, YouTube — forget about all of that, it will just waste your precious time.

Daily schedule

No skype
There is no perfect schedule. The morning is the moment you wake up. A cup of coffee, check the inbox, watch the news. You should stay informed, study the supply and demand. I am not sure about all of this, because I have a weird lifestyle.

PC games

No PC games. It will slow you down. For the last year, I installed two games — Diablo and Fallout, but after a week I removed and forgot about them. You may be a doter, a terrorist in CS: Go or a tank driver, okay, then forget about your main activity. Gaming is a waste of time.  You may want to visit a casino, but note, what you will get is 2-3 days wasted.

No chicks

I am not talking about being gay, I am just saying that you better don’t want a family now, or anything related to it. Don’t make new relationships, you just needn’t worrying about where she is.  You can’t focus when you love, and a whore will do it.


Motivation to become a successful affiliate
Look for motivation everywhere. Compare your income; it’s quite a motivation. Follow the most successful ones, forget about noobs. Don’t envy, and you shouldn’t care about their money. Gambling is quite a motivation. Yes and no. Sometimes you may not give a f**k about the $5000 lost in the evening, but other times you may be f**ked up for a week or two. You shouldn’t give a f**k about money. Your mood should not depend on the money you have, or have not, so, your productivity shouldn’t depend on your mood. I saw a sexy chick on the street — you’ll have many of them if you keep working. I saw a hot car — you’ll have it in a year, just keep working. Your friend works for pennies at the factory, but you are f**king smarter earning 10 times more on the internet.

Perseverance, working place

Work at least 10 hours a day. Choose your working place. You should forget about bed or couch in your working place. If at the desk, do your sh*t the best you can.


Always think. Have a notebook with you, take notes. The best ideas come and go quite fast. If you want it, do it now. Later you may lose interest. Keep thinking in the bathroom, not about the sh*t that comes out of you, but about the ideas that would help. Think when walking down the street, think when seeing tits. Analyse all the outcomes of the ideas. Don’t think about money or how to get more. Any work will be paid off if you keep doing your job. You may start working for pennies, but you will gain experience and knowledge and will make some new connections. If you just want to make money, by time, you will realise that you are f**ked up.  For example, when I started my blog, I didn’t think about the money I would earn, and the first six months there was no money at all. In other words, quite a fan.


Life is too short to take it too seriously. Take it as a game, you just do a quest. An affiliate program is a waste of time, like Dota or Tanks. If you do it – you get it.


Move to another house, city, surroundings, make some new circles. Stop wasting time with cry-babies and losers. You are the one who may manage the way the people work, but you should do something about that. I am a noob, and there are lots of things I don’t do the way I did them before. If you did your best and nothing works — then you are a f**king loser. Clear your karma, be a better man. Everyone may have a million, but what for? Why wasting time on yourself, when you may have a job for the rest of your life.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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