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Online casino affiliate's motivation 2021

Online casino affiliate's motivation
I have conversations with lots of people who have online projects (sites, blogs, streams and so on) and I’d like to highlight a common thing of all these activities — sooner or later you get sick of all that sh*t. Everything turns into a routine, and then you get tired, you get lazy, and you start experiencing procrastination. That is, you start doing anything, except the vital things you need.

I remember well the days when something was going on in the casino field, a couple of years ago there was some enthusiasm, rivalry, but now everything is faded away. Even the old comrades, who were ready to work day and night and of whom I was impressed, started doing weird things: some of them stick to gambling, others drink hard, and the rest can’t be found anywhere.

However, it’s not about the money a project offers, and it’s about us, who don’t want to try to achieve something, yeah, I am in the same boat. The lack or surplus of money has a similar effect on people’s activity, and it’s a negative one.

The other day, I was reading the diaries of Leo Tolstoy, he was there constantly whining that he is lazy every single day, and he would better sleep. Quite familiar… I mean that there are no gifted people, there are only those who work hard, especially on themselves. People are all roughly the same regarding physiology and brain structure.

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Below I highlighted some things that should be considered.

  • Regularity — you should always be busy doing things, that’s how you get used to working.
  • Remove all PC games, unnecessary contacts, don’t waste time on useless talks, do not watch YouTube.
  • Do some sport or any other physical activities.
  • NO gambling — I mean any gambling.

Honestly speaking, I see no reason to write anything on this topic, especially if there is someone’s channel that has it already there. So, I recommend you listen to a competent expert. Only the one who has been in this field for a long time would understand it if you don’t — then you shouldn’t fill your head with this nonsense).

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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