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Thoughts of a casino player during gambling

Thoughts of a casino player during gambling
Casinos are far from fair, and they are out there to scam you in every possible way. They are the one to blame. Where is the f*cking gaming justice? Why 80 out of 100 people must lose? Why would the casino owners not let 99 out of 100 to win? Would not it be the key to happiness? Though, no way, there will always be unsatisfied. Have you ever seen a fully satisfied person, especially when he spending money?

Have you ever come to the thought that you build your casino success on the other players’ bad luck? Being busy with the desire of making more money, you want others to lose anything. F*ck it, I don’t care, I am okay with that until I am not one of them losing. Any punter may cause negative energy around them by just being part of the evil system. You lose - the other wins, 5 of them lose — you get that x1000 bonus, simple as that. Once entered this system, be ready to face the consequences. Your loss is the win of someone else. But note that in any case, the casino gets that 1/3 or even more at a distance. Even at the lottery, 50-70% of the money.

Players also have problems with consistency and logic. I am going to describe the game of an average gambler. Go, let’s go. Ummm. What a wonderful morning! Anyway f*ck it, the full pocket would create a wonderful time out of nothing. The way some people see the surroundings (weather, other people, philosophy and so on) mainly depend on their mood. And when would you have the best feeling? Probably, when are they having enough money or maybe not, the lack of it?

All-day long you were skiing in the mountains, where shooting, jumping and all of that good stuff, but here it comes the evening, accompanied by such a great desire to make a deposit that you can’t stand out from that. You’re f*cked up, and you can’t explain it. So, below you may see the account balance and the mood (presented as thoughts).

Thoughts of the casino player

Yeah-h-h…. it wasn’t easy, but here I am, umm, let’s spend a A$100… I should be careful; I learned the lesson. A A$100 deposit is a wage, you played it hard, the pokies were generous, and you get another A$100, but that’s not enough! I need gold. Dammit, it was fast, I lost it. Let’s spend another A$100; I will be okay, hmmm… - A$200 is quite sad. Another deposit, over and over again until no money left. The casino (software) may let you win sometimes. Suppose that you were lucky enough and got $500 back.

Balance Thoughts
500 Account balance - $500 deposit. What next? Let’s earn some more, and then request a withdrawal
400 - $100, okay. I should try again; I feel it’s coming.
300 - $200, could be worse. Let’s go again.
600 + $100. Here it comes.
350 Where is the bonus and why am I still playing this sh*t?
200 - $300 of deposit. I am so angry.
100 What a f*ck, where is the bonus?  I had $500, I had $500, I had $500, and now all I’ve got is $100, just $100, just $100, but I had $500. Why am I such a fool and where is the bonus?
0 Dammit, bullshit, scam, f*ck it. - $500 of deposit, I have to try one more time but don’t want to spend a penny on this sh*t, they are scammers, f*ck them, I hate them.
I should write negative feedback, make another deposit and then I am done…

So, - $500 and such a pain in the ass. You would not sleep, work, or even live with that, such a waste of money. You would probably continue the game as you need everything back. You are lucky enough to continue so that you keep doing:

End of session — - $500

-500 Dammit, half a wage wasted, I have some more money, I should make another deposit and get everything back. Otherwise, my wife will kill me for that — f*ck it.
All or nothing, I should try again and win a couple of hundreds or lose no more than I can afford to. But what if I lose it all? No way, bullshit, I am sick of losing.
-200 Cool, here it goes, I should get it all back.
+700 I got it all back, and even more! I knew it, no guts - no glory. Let’s call some friends and chic. I should postpone the appointment. — Hi, tomorrow in the park, bye) - Hi, meet me tomorrow; I am ready to pay off the debt. — Hi! Come and take your money. Who? Collectors? Okay, no problem.

Hmm, what I get in the end? Another month when I will be dreaming of food? Nope, I am done with that. I should win some more money.

+800 Not bad, it still works
+1100 Cool, the profit of a monthly wage. Why do I need that job? I can make enough money here!
+1350 I am rich, all the sluts are mine, and I can’t lose. I should close the credit tomorrow.
+1500 I need a new phone and should upgrade my wardrobe. Hmm, dilemma, iPhone 7 or 8? 8 for sure, but I need some more money for that. I should have a dental check-up and a barbecue. Should I request a withdrawal right now? Not yet, it’s too good to end it here.
+900 2 hours later. Why the f*ck I did not request a withdrawal of A$1500?
+500 - A$1000 of profit, comes and goes, I should make up to A$1000, and I am done. Oh, such a fool.
+750 Well, I had A$1500, half a profit wasted. It’s not good. Up to $1000 and I am done.
+1000 It just works, I had A$1500, let’s go for it again.
+1500 I am a lucky matherf*k. Should I request that withdrawal? Are you serious?
+1000 Why did not I request that withdrawal of A$1500? - A$500…
+500 Why did not I request the withdrawal of A$1000?  - A$1000.
0 No profit. Hard to describe such a feeling, you’re f*cked up. - A$1500 in profit, but still no deposit loss. That A$1500… it just was too good to be true… F*ck it, I am going for it again!

Game on

-200 Such an asshole, I had so much, and now I am losing it bad.
-500 I am done. I had so much money. I should forget about all my dreams. — Hi, debt? Tomorrow? F*ck you! I am turning it off — no plans for tomorrow.
  You are broken and lost, that feeling of saving money is not there anymore.
-1000 F*ck it all, I lose it all and go to bed.
- all the cash I the worst man in the world. I should never gamble again. I swear to all gods. Where is the self-exclusion button at this casino?
  The worst thing is that self-exclusion does not solve the problem. First, there are too many casinos, and when you ban yourself in best, you will start to play in sucks casinos and get problems during the withdrawal and the account verification.

Sometimes you may be lucky enough to win something, and there it goes again, you lose it all in the end. Over and over again.  Yeah-h-h…. it wasn’t easy, but here I am, umm, let’s spend a $100… I should be careful; I learned the lesson.
That’s how a player behaves typically during a gaming session in a casino. I could have been not so accurate, I could have skipped some moments, but that’s how it works. That’s the behaviour the addicted people usually have, but there are so much more.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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