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Youtube casino streams as laziness factor 2021

Youtube casino streams as laziness factor
A few years ago, I started watching poker videos to get an idea of poker. The idea was quite simple — to learn from someone else’s mistakes. Then, the online streams and the live broadcasts started gaining popularity, while the recordings were drawing less and less audience. That’s how our brain works, it shows little interest in the past events and prefers to be part of a process that makes history here and now, in a real-time chat — being aggressive, taking an attitude, feeling the self-importance.

I am just sharing my subjective view on all this stuff, nothing more. In the very beginning, you have fun watching a stream — you are interested in the walkthrough, you can’t wait to see the reactions in different situations, but after a while, you just come back by inertia. It’s that moment when you show no interest in doing anything, and you keep wasting time watching a video.

Perhaps it is still out there because of the human laziness. Many of us may have a job that is directly connected to the Internet, so there is much time to waste watching some YouTube videos, or more often streams. It is not all about a casino; you should consider all the places where the visual factor has a key role. Your brain is unconsciously striving to make you give up any work, including the mental one. By the way, the brain consumes up to 30% of the total body energy. I do not wonder how the laziness shows up as an energy saver that reduces all the exhausting mental work and encourages you to be busy with procreation because you are a pro in finding a job, so you should not waste your time for now. Each of us is quite lazy, and just a few manage to overcome this state of mind. I am not here to describe in detail this phenomenon but taking into account that 90% of people are lazy and useless, I guess it is a quite dominant one.

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  • Sorry for off-topic. Depending on their content, there are different types of streams — cognitive, exciting and trash. Let’s talk about the trash content, aka the casino streams. While watching such content, the conscious mind of the viewer projects some details and factors — loss, loss, more losses; what is next, what is the next action, reaction? That is, you see how the risk works without actually risking anything, it is like watching a favourite tv show or movie. In reality, you want more drama, so the content is actual. Somebody’s gonna get killed, somebody’s going to lose the house — fck it, all I need is popcorn.
  • Another factor is the predisposition to the object of interest. If you never played in a casino or DotA, you will find all this process quite boring, no matter the level of sodomy. That is, getting involved in it, you know what it is all about, so you will enjoy watching the bonus and high-stakes games.
  • Casino streams are specifically the ones that remove the barriers of the newcomers. They get proof that the casino is not the evil the society talks about; that you may withdraw the winnings, that everything is legit, you may win, and you may lose. If there is a story of someone winning an apartment or a car in a casino — the people will start seeing it as easy money. Again, it is how psychology works — no one remembers the losses, but a big win of 6 million is more than welcome!
  • Just a fact: after the stream ends, people usually start googling the information related to it: everything that would give a background of the streamer, such as favourite meals, drinks, casino and so on. If any streamer hits a big win or gets lots of bonuses, the viewers are zombified and start thinking that it is something that they could do — this they go and try the forbidden fruit.
  • Pink Elephants or Jack and the Beanstalk are the perfect pokies even for those who never played them because they remembered them as hot and generous pokies while watching the stream.
  • I often criticise the casino streams, but I have to say that this type of advertising was and is quite effective. It brings more players so that the casino is close to society. So, online gambling gained the popularity it needed to stay in the market, and the streamers are the ones who draw more customers and encourage them to play more and more. I think there are streamers that we should support, rather than criticise…
  • And yet, I would not say that a streamer or a format of streaming is more interesting than another. It is all about us, the lazy people. You may like the streamer or not, it could be his/her money or not — usually no one gives a f*ck, and the show goes on. It is hard to resist the temptation of watching the 8k spins, where three spins are a wage. It is fantastic.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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