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What is better to choose: casino by Microgaming, Playtech or by Netent 2021?

Netent Playtech or Microgaming Casino?
How to play at the online casino to get profit and not to be scammed? What is better to choose Microgaming, Playtech or Netent casino software? How justified is the proposition that it is easier to win large sums in Net Entertainment pokies and operators, belonging to this network, are more reliable?

Why should you choose Netent instead of Playtech and Microgaming?

It is believed that any of the online casinos can buy the software of a particular manufacturer. But it is not true. Let`s describe each of the manufacturers of online gambling individually and determine in which casino it is more profitable to gamble: in Netent, Microgaming or Playtech?


  • If you see a casino, powered by software Playtech without power poker - run out. There is a Jewish company, called "Euro partners", which deals with affiliate programs of Titan casino, Europa casino and others. It is a subsidiary of Playtech. After dealing with this company, it is becoming clear that no one will get the money. Neither the gamblers nor their partners. No one except them. Try to avoid large game in Playtech.
  • A story about personal experiences with institutions on the platform Playtech you can read here (learn more about blacklisted gambling ...).
  • Their rules prohibit the integration of Playtech unit casino with any other manufacturers. In other words, the casino may be either Playtech pokies or any other. Network rules prohibit joint work.
  • I am deeply convinced if you choose between Microgaming, Playtech and Netent, and then use the services of PlayTech in the last turn.


  • Casinos on the Microgaming platform without adding new games show that this institution has been abandoned for a long time or operates "by inertia."
  • In the past, Microgaming pokies were distributed almost for nothing. Exactly at that moment, the manufacturer substantially "knocked down" its reputation. The thing is that it was easier for the organisers to close their establishment than to pay a lucky gambler his large sum. Bonuses in the style of "$ 1000 per hour of play", "200% up to $ 600", together with the absence of the latest games such as Thunderstrike 2 and Avalon 2, should at least alert the gambler.
  • Microgaming has a bad reputation and frequent blocking and confiscation of money from the accounts of very successful gamblers. This factor does not let us relax until you get money on the payment system. Typically, gambling houses, which have in their arsenal only Microgaming games are no different generosity, and simplicity of the gamblers account verification. Together, these factors do not allow the player to feel confident.
  • Almost all affiliate casinos have all Microgaming games in its arsenal. The cost of integration is much lower, and payments are carried out by the operators. There is no doubt in their reliability. Microgaming software - is the golden mean in choosing between Microgaming casino, Playtech and Netent. The main thing is that the operator is massive and reliable and carries the payments out by himself (without network).

Net Entertainment (Netent)

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    Random numbers generator Netent has an extremely high degree of scatter wins (dispersion)
    . Moreover, each of the pokies configured differently. Some of the pokies accumulate a large bank, and others dump bank with small wins all the time. You can win a few thousands of your bets per one spin of the reels, and you do not have to lose thousands at this point.
  • Setting the smooth operation of the software during the online gambling is very important. Netent primarily cares about the integrity and fairness of the game-play for all gamblers. That is why the stable system has been introduced. If the bond is broken before the end of the game round, the bet is returned to the gambler`s account, and the numerical sequence of characters is returned to its original position (before the round, when the connection with player`s computer has been lost). If the connection has been lost during the bonus round, or during the mode of free games, then the system will be restored exactly at the point of rupture. That is, until the round, when the connection was lost or returns to the bonus game. Thus, the gambler does not lose money because of the problems with the connection.
  • The possibility of testing pokies in free mode to gamble. As a rule, in the institutions of other manufacturers, the player wins often and much in free play mode, regardless of the actual status of the machine. Once a gambler makes a bet with real money - the device comes out of demo mode and returns to its work settings that have nothing to do with the free tests. In Netent, due to the similarity algorithms of issuance and placement of the programs of all pokies directly on the company`s servers, you can use the strategy of testing pokies in free mode before playing for real money. So, you will not be able to find out how "hot" machine is before you start to risk real money. This feature allows the gambler to gain an advantage, and to choose the game for real money.
  • You can run any of Netent casino games for free without registration directly on our website.
  • Bonus Policy of individual Netent casino is so generous that allows dragging expectation of winning from the institution on your side. Check out our recommendations for the use of Netent bonus policy for positive battery expectations of winning at the casino.

Reliability casino

  • Gambling software for the online casino by Net entertainment - it is a relatively young product. Distribution of the purchase of the franchise and license for using its products actively started just a few years ago. All candidates and potential partners are carefully selected. NetEnt puts stringent requirements for the approval of a license for work. Insurance payment fund, quality and transparent registration documents, a formal agreement with the head – all this is just a partial list of requirements that Netent presents to its potential partners.
  • The threat of real prosecution for non-fulfilment of obligations on payment of money won by the gamblers, the possibility of losing a partner parcel because of even one complaint from an unjustly offended gambler and excellent prospects for development with the development of the Netent company, make operators much more loyal to their players.
  • License holders are protected from over-large payments for the progressive jackpot. The network pays 90% of the equity, and the casino operator directly pays 10%. All operators are dreaming that the jackpot was won just from them. The gambler with millions of A$ to his credit tends to play more relaxed and large. Announcements in the news of various sites with the name of the casino, where the jackpot was won are an important addition, which raises the overall brand awareness on the Internet.
  • Net Entertainment company is the undisputed leader in the choice of casino between Microgaming, Playtech and Netent. Choosing the large numbers of operators who use software by Microgaming and Netent, gamblers will not know the problems of verification of accounts and obtain winnings.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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