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The best slot machines in 2024 at the Netent casino

The best slot machines in 2024 at the Netent casino
In this article, we propose to conduct a comparative analysis of the best slot machines of 2024 from NetEnt casino and identify the best of them. The most profitable slots were selected, which are based on the principle: the higher mathematical expectation of winning, the better. The factors you need to look for are; the percentage of the return (RTP), the length of the cycle and the dispersion of winnings. The article contains links to pages with a detailed description of each of the games. There you can play slots for free.

We analyzed in our study only slots from NetEnt company; their products are one of the best on the market. And it concerns both the quality of performance and the settings of payouts of large winnings. In late 2018, many slot machines were reconfigured, which significantly changed the algorithms of pay-outs. Also, many new games were released, which attracted a lot of attention.

The comparison of the slot machines from Netent: choose the best

We will compare games on several parameters at once. First of all, these are the percentages of payments and the length of the cycle. I believe that all the parameters which can be influenced by the player are an advantage. If the game does not respond to different methods of changing the issuance, then the player will become only an addition to the slot machine, who clicks on the Spin button.

Statistics of payouts and the length of the cycle

Below you can see the comparative table of the slots from NetEnt. In the first column is the logo, the second shows the name of the slot machine (the link will be a description and the possibility of a free game). The third column shows the percentage of payouts (and it is sorted in descending order, it means that the best slots of the NetEnt will be at the top). In the fourth column are the dispersion of the values, then the probabilities of triggering the bonus, the payment (main game/ bonus) and on the seventh is the length of the cycle. We recommend that you add this page to your bookmarks and use it as a reminder.

List of the best slots from NetEnt

Logo Name RTP Dispersion The probability of dropping out the bonus Fund allocation
main / bonus
Length of the cycle How to win
Mega joker
Mega Joker 99% Extremely high - 100% Long How to win
Jackpot 6000
Jackpot 6000 98.86% Extremely high - 100% Long How to win
Blood Suckers
Blood Suckers 98% Very low 0.5%/ 2.1% 52% / 12,1% / 13% / 20,1% Quick How to win
Kings of Chicago
Kings of Chicago 97.8% High 0.94% 70% / 17,6% / 10.3% Long How to win
Devils delight
Devils Delight 97.6% Average  8.31% 92% / 8%


How to win
Sim Salabim 97.5% Low 1,87% 68,8% / 15,9%
/ 12,8%
Quick How to win

Video poker

Slot machines occupy the best places with the video-poker from Net Entertainment. Unfortunately, they usually are not allowed for wagering the bonus money, but we do not always play with bonuses, am I right? The percentage of payouts in the video poker reduces the casino advantage practically to zero. You see for yourself:

Mega Joker and the Jackpot 6000 slot machines

Mega Joker
Mega Joker Classic slot machine returns 99% of the bets made. In this case, it has a progressive jackpot and two screens with different denominations of bets. The maximum bet in this slot is €10, but on an additional screen, you can play €200.

Jackpot 6000 slot offers you a little less (98.86%), but also far ahead of the rest of the slot machines from Net Entertainment.

Advantages of the slot machine

The main advantage of Mega Joker slot is the huge percentage of payouts. The return of 99% of the made bets is the absolute record for the products from NetEnt. By the way, you always have a chance to take away a progressive jackpot! And with such a return! Mega Joker slot machine will almost always be the best choice, thanks to the active bonuses. The primary condition is to play in a trusted casino.

Disadvantages of the slot machine

Not all the Netent online casinos allow you to wager bonuses in Mega Joker slot machine. Also: a pretty boring game process, the lack of a bonus game and free spins.

Blood Suckers slot

Paytable of Blood Suckers
The first contender for the best slot machine in NetEnt casino is Blood Suckers slot. This is the most profitable and generous slot available for wager. It gives 98% of all made bets. This is the most profitable percentage of payouts (excluding Jackpot 6000 slot machine (98.86%) and Mega Joker slot (99%)), announced in the slots of NetEnt. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of this game.


  • The high percentage of return of the slot machine is 98%.
  • The probability of triggering the pick and click bonus feature is 2.1% (every 50th spin).
  • The slot allows the player to get a positive mathematical expectation from playing in the casino.
  • There is a bonus round, and free spins with a multiplier of 3x.
  • Quite a fast cycle, allowing you to spend less money when the slot is in "Cold mood."
  • Blood Suckers slot is top-rated. At any given time, a large number of people play it. The slot machine is almost always in a hot mood.
  • Volatility is 4,16 out of 20 (low). It will be hard to hit a big win here. During usual spins winning potential is close to 0 and pick and click feature will deliver only if the player will be lucky enough to find 4000 coins vampire. 
  • The rating of the slot machine for bonus wagering is 6,40 out of 10. Bonus hunters can use Blood Suckers for completing bonus wagering requirements.
  • While falling out two scatter symbols the player is paid double the total bet.
  • To win at Blood Suckers slot, you can apply the several strategies.


  • It is challenging to win a significant amount at a small bet.
  • The more pay lines you activate (with the same betting amount), the less number of coins you are putting on each of them. The probability of a hit is increasing, but the value is decreasing.
  • To activate the bonus round, you will need at least three Bonus symbols that must fall out on the active line in a row, from left to right.
  • During the game, the bonus symbols can be in different parts of the playing field and do not give anything.
  • Changing the winning / losing cycles occurs is invisible.
  • The spinning of reels is performed by the system imperceptibly, which makes it challenging to identify.
  • The game process is pretty boring and monotonous.


Of course, this slot machine is one of the most successful creations of Netent developers. It successfully matches the balance between the game process and the frequency of wins. A bonus round can potentially give out a large sum. However, like free spins, the win in which is tripled. The main disadvantage of these slots is a large number of pay-lines. As a result, you will need to play at higher bets if you want to increase the volatility (variance) of winnings.

Aliens slot

This game was released recently but has already conquered popularity among players and acquired dedicated fans. The slot machine with a return of 96.4% allows you to win 590 000 coins for one spin. The bonus game consists of two rounds. By the way, in the second one, you can win a lot.And it has the probability of a huge winning that allows Aliens slot to take its place in our list of the best slot machines from Netent.


  • Paytable of Aliens
    The opportunity to win a large amount, even at a small bet.
  • The frequent bonuses from the game. Even the first round can also give a good bonus.
  • There are several working strategies at Aliens slot.
  • It is visible when the system intervenes in the game process and scrolls symbols.
  • It's easy to notice the change of the cycle, which allows you to stop the game in time and save some money.
  • The exciting game processes.
  • There are no Bonus and Scatter symbols closing the pay lines.
  • The game has 15 pay lines, which means a larger bet on each of them.


  • A lower percentage of the return (96.4%) compared to other applicants.
  • The game either gives or does not. The average values and the model "back and forth" are used very rarely.
  • At some bets, the slot behaves much worse.
  • The winning sequences of the symbol only play from left to right.


Aliens slot machine from Netent Company in many ways is innovative. The game process requires active participation and constant monitoring of the behaviour of the slot. The player must often change the tactics and strategy. If you like active participation in the game process, then Aliens slot machine will be exactly your choice. The slot can be your favourite and the most advantageous slot machine with the right approach and observation.

Starburst Slot

Many online casinos offer free spin as part of the bonus on the first deposit at Starburst slot machine. Does it mean that they consider this slot to be the best? Let's see. The game has only ten lines, the free spin with "sticky" wild-symbols on the vertical and payment from left to right as well as from right to left. And you will enjoy the exciting game process and potentially big winnings. The slot gives away 96.1% of the bets, but because of its high popularity, it is constantly in a hot state.


  • A small number of pay lines: the stake for each of them is high.
  • The game combinations are counted from left to right as well as from right to left.
  • When wild symbol occurs, it closes all symbols vertically. After the payment of the combination, a re-spin is triggered. If one more wild falls out, it will also close the whole vertical row, and there will be spin with two wild symbols, the same situation is with three wilds.
  • The symbols are often connected and fall out along the entire vertical of their reel; this is an additional opportunity to get a massive win over all the lines.
  • Volatility is 4,24 out of 20 (low).
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 5,97 out of 10.
  • It is possible to apply different strategies for winning Starburst slot.
  • Exciting and fast game process.
  • During the game, it is easy to identify when the slot machine stops issuing money.


  • The low percentage of the return of the slot machine (96.1%) against other games.
  • There is no bonus game and scatter symbols.
  • The length of the cycle.


First of all, I want to say that the best slot machine is an individual choice. Someone wants to earn money, and someone likes the game process itself. The best slots are individual for each player. It all depends on your preferences and winning strategies. The detailed information about each of Netent games, including the percentage of payouts, is in the "slots" section.

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