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The wager for bonuses in an online casino

The wager for bonuses in an online casino
You should consider the fact that the casinos are not charitable organisations and do everything in their interests. Always remember it. Most of the time, any encouragement from their side is primarily profitable to the casinos. Some of these motivations include welcome bonuses, free spins, cashbacks, and other popular types of cash "gifts". However, the casino comes up with a wager – special conditions for the issued bonus.

Why is the wager so big?

In the past, it was better: the grass was greener, and the wagers were less. There was no such serious competition in the sphere of online casino, and there were not many bonus hunters - professional players whose single purpose is to take the bonus and withdraw the money later with a profit. Precisely because of the casino bonus hunters, the wager requirements were toughened. Any bonus that is issued in the modern era is guaranteed to bring profit to the gambling site (in the short or long term), or it brings small losses. The value of the wager protects the casino from any exploitation of their bonus offers.

How is the wager calculated?

The wager is usually described as x40 or x50 and means a multiplier, namely, how many bets a player must make that to get the opportunity to withdraw his winning. A welcome bonus is usually $ 100 with a wager from x40 to x50. It means that you need to make bets in the amount from $ 4,000 to $ 5,000 – and after that, you can withdraw the money (if there are some left). For example, you deposit $ 100, get a bonus $ 100 – in total, you have $ 200. And to have a possibility to withdraw any winnings from this "gift", you should put a few thousand dollars. And if you could put unlimited amounts of roulette or blackjack, but you do not have such an opportunity: the maximum number of bets are subject to stringent restrictions. And if they violate the bonus, it can quickly be cancelled.

Wager requirements

So, let's look at the real conditions of the wagering bonuses in a modern casino:

The maximum bet of the wagering bonus is $ 5 - $ 15 (or equivalent)

One of the most important conditions is the bet restrictions. The casino is profitable when the player spins longer. So, in such a way it is given a lot of opportunities to break any of the requirements, and still to test the patience with which most gamblers have significant problems. Moreover, a small maximum bet protects the casino from any simple scheme: for example, there are large bets on equal chances in roulette from several accounts.

The percentage of wagering in different games

No deposit casino bonus
The casino houses' wagering is beneficial since players can "launder" the bonus in the slots. Why? Because the slot machines are well covered, and in the casino, they always have an advantage (because at the slot machines, you can quickly lose everything). And besides, most often it is higher than in other games - for example, blackjack, craps or baccarat. So, the casino severely limits the "efficiency" of all board and card games, including baccarat, blackjack, video poker, roulette, poker, etc. No more than 5-10% of the bets in these games go to the account of wagering the bonus. It means that you put in the amount of $ 100, and you played as if only $ 5 or $ 10 for several thousand. The slots are another matter. 100% usually considers the bets. But there are exceptions. The most profitable slots for a player are protected against money laundering, for example, for example, The Dark Knight Rises, Scrooge, Secret of the Stones, Devil's Delight, Robin Hood, Tomb Raider 2, Blood Suckers, Kings of Chicago, Jackpot 6000, Mega Joker and many other slot machines.

Other restrictions

Also, one of the features of receiving and wagering the bonus is the minimum amount of the deposit, the funds in the game process with a bonus are primarily deducted from real money, and also the period of the wagering is limited. In short, there are many conditions, but they have a deeper meaning that you have to find out.

Are bonuses profitable for the casino?

Theoretically, you can calculate whether the casino receives a profit in the long term from a specific bonus offer. Let's discuss an example of the same bonus: 100% up to $ 100 on the first deposit. We will take the medium wager - x45. It is considered as standard and even less common x50. We need to make a bet $ 4,500 for wagering. Now we need to get to know the total percentage of payments in a particular casino (in all games on average). This indicator is equal to 97.5% in good casinos. Now let's multiply $ 4,500 by 2.5%, and we will get the pure profit of the casino with this amount = $ 112.5. Once again, this is a theoretical value, not the exact amount! You should understand it.

As you can see, $ 112.5 is more than $ 100. It means that even if you successfully wager the bonus, the casino will remain in plus, it is profitable. Some casinos offer to wager of x40.

In this case, they will earn as much as to lose - $ 100. Most of the time, this situation for the casino house is not profitable, and the wager requirements are toughened (if it is possible). But the young sites which have just opened, go to considerable indulgences in an attempt to attract new players. They can make a wager of x30, but they will lose money. You can count yourself. If each player is charged money, for instance, $ 50 on average, so what will the amount be in total? $ 50,000? $ 100,000? The amounts can be huge, and no one wants to risk them.

Wagers for free spins, cashback and other bonuses

Other bonuses usually have the wager requirements. It is very rare when a casino is so generous (or rich) that it gives bonuses without wagering. So, do not blindly believe in advertisement "Register and get $ 10 to the account free!" No, of course, you will get the money, but you will not be able to withdraw the prize immediately. At first, you will need to win back it. So, what kind of wager requirements are for other bonuses:


The return of a part of the lost funds for a specified period – usually up to 20% per week – in general, it is an excellent encouragement. Logically, a person has already lost his money, and for this, he must receive a small cashback. But he must also wager this return in most cases. The wager in this situation is not very large - x3, x10, x20, possibly in such limits. But you can agree, to wager the lost money is absurd.

Free Spins

Possibly the most popular type of bonus is the free spins. Modern casinos like to give free spins, and a lot - 100+ for specific slot machines. Of course, you should also wager them. Here wagers can vary greatly – from x10 to x60. There is no universal meaning; all casino houses have their conditions. But there are online casinos, in which the free spins are at all without a wager.

No-deposit bonus

Every person wants "no-deposit bonus" in the casino; this is a win-win variant. But also, you need to wager them; there are without surprises. And besides, the wager can easily be x50 and x60. This is a fairly simple, but very effective trap. The player gets free money, wins something, but he cannot withdraw the money. All in all, everything is limited to new and new deposits, which is the final goal of any casino house.

Re-deposit bonuses

It is a prevalent type of bonus, which most often repeats the conditions of the bonus on the first deposit – a wager from x40 to x50. You can regularly meet the reload bonuses with slightly more loyal conditions compared to a wager on the first deposit, for example, x40 and x50 respectively.

The most common wager trap

You should always, ALWAYS read the terms and conditions of wagering of any bonus. Sometimes you will be shocked: some casino houses become impudent and expose exorbitant wagers. You do not need to think that "in previous casinos, the wagers were x40, so it means that this casino also has the same". Reading the rules and conditions is necessary. For example, there is often a method when a casino writes: "100% to $ 200 with a wager of x30". How do you think it is an excellent offer?

Yes, but only at first sight. Often in such cases, you need to wager not only the amount of the bonus but also the deposit itself; that is, the wager requirements are imposed on the bonus amount and the deposit. And in sum, it is not x30, but x60.

And this is very standard practice. Also, many illegal casinos hide the bonus rules and conditions that you cannot find them right away. So, as you see, the bonus is good, but there is no information about the wager. You should always consult with support in such cases and control this situation. In good casinos (as Fastpay), the info and wager are written immediately under the bonus. Not on a separate page, but you can find it IMMEDIATELY at the bonus. This is the most suitable variant for the player, and moreover, it is the most honest from the side of the casino.

So, is it worth taking bonuses?

So, let's make the conclusions. Our discussion is not so optimistic, as we wish, but in reality, everything is not so wrong. And in recent years, wagers have become more substantial, but this is a necessary measure, without which the existence of an online casino would not be. If you play regularly (especially at the slots) and at low bets, then it will be profitable to take bonuses – it will be even necessary. Because in both variant you have to play at the slot machine. But we have some positive aspects. Still, sometimes with bonus money, you can win a decent amount.

If you are a high roller – you will not need a bonus. Spare $ 100-200 will not change the situation if the deposits exceed $ 500-1000. If you take some encouragement, you will strongly limit the maximum bet, and then you will be unhappy. Still, for a high roller, it is essential to get a high level of adrenaline, and it happens only when playing at maximum bets. Once again, you need to read the conditions! It is the most important. The bonus can be profitable or not profitable, but you should know about it in advance.

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